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const PingPong_TypeID = 0xf004c474c2f8ee7a

PingPong_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type PingPong.

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const PingPong_echoNum_Params_TypeID = 0xd797e0a99edf0921

PingPong_echoNum_Params_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type PingPong_echoNum_Params.

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const PingPong_echoNum_Results_TypeID = 0x85ddfd96db252600

PingPong_echoNum_Results_TypeID is the unique identifier for the type PingPong_echoNum_Results.


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func PingPong_Methods

func PingPong_Methods(methods []server.Method, s PingPong_Server) []server.Method

PingPong_Methods appends Methods to a slice that invoke the methods on s. This can be used to create a more complicated Server.

func PingPong_NewServer

func PingPong_NewServer(s PingPong_Server, policy *server.Policy) *server.Server

PingPong_NewServer creates a new Server from an implementation of PingPong_Server.


type PingPong

type PingPong struct{ Client *capnp.Client }

func PingPong_ServerToClient

func PingPong_ServerToClient(s PingPong_Server, policy *server.Policy) PingPong

PingPong_ServerToClient creates a new Client from an implementation of PingPong_Server. The caller is responsible for calling Release on the returned Client.

func (PingPong) AddRef

func (c PingPong) AddRef() PingPong

func (PingPong) Release

func (c PingPong) Release()

type PingPong_Server

type PingPong_Server interface {
	EchoNum(context.Context, PingPong_echoNum) error

A PingPong_Server is a PingPong with a local implementation.

type PingPong_echoNum

type PingPong_echoNum struct {

PingPong_echoNum holds the state for a server call to PingPong.echoNum. See server.Call for documentation.

func (PingPong_echoNum) AllocResults

func (c PingPong_echoNum) AllocResults() (PingPong_echoNum_Results, error)

AllocResults allocates the results struct.

func (PingPong_echoNum) Args

Args returns the call's arguments.

type PingPong_echoNum_Params

type PingPong_echoNum_Params struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Params

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Params(s *capnp.Segment) (PingPong_echoNum_Params, error)

func NewRootPingPong_echoNum_Params

func NewRootPingPong_echoNum_Params(s *capnp.Segment) (PingPong_echoNum_Params, error)

func ReadRootPingPong_echoNum_Params

func ReadRootPingPong_echoNum_Params(msg *capnp.Message) (PingPong_echoNum_Params, error)

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params) N

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params) SetN

func (s PingPong_echoNum_Params) SetN(v int64)

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params) String

func (s PingPong_echoNum_Params) String() string

type PingPong_echoNum_Params_Future

type PingPong_echoNum_Params_Future struct{ *capnp.Future }

PingPong_echoNum_Params_Future is a wrapper for a PingPong_echoNum_Params promised by a client call.

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params_Future) Struct

type PingPong_echoNum_Params_List

type PingPong_echoNum_Params_List struct{ capnp.List }

PingPong_echoNum_Params_List is a list of PingPong_echoNum_Params.

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Params_List

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Params_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (PingPong_echoNum_Params_List, error)

NewPingPong_echoNum_Params creates a new list of PingPong_echoNum_Params.

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params_List) At

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params_List) Set

func (PingPong_echoNum_Params_List) String

type PingPong_echoNum_Results

type PingPong_echoNum_Results struct{ capnp.Struct }

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Results

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Results(s *capnp.Segment) (PingPong_echoNum_Results, error)

func NewRootPingPong_echoNum_Results

func NewRootPingPong_echoNum_Results(s *capnp.Segment) (PingPong_echoNum_Results, error)

func ReadRootPingPong_echoNum_Results

func ReadRootPingPong_echoNum_Results(msg *capnp.Message) (PingPong_echoNum_Results, error)

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results) N

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results) SetN

func (s PingPong_echoNum_Results) SetN(v int64)

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results) String

func (s PingPong_echoNum_Results) String() string

type PingPong_echoNum_Results_Future

type PingPong_echoNum_Results_Future struct{ *capnp.Future }

PingPong_echoNum_Results_Future is a wrapper for a PingPong_echoNum_Results promised by a client call.

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results_Future) Struct

type PingPong_echoNum_Results_List

type PingPong_echoNum_Results_List struct{ capnp.List }

PingPong_echoNum_Results_List is a list of PingPong_echoNum_Results.

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Results_List

func NewPingPong_echoNum_Results_List(s *capnp.Segment, sz int32) (PingPong_echoNum_Results_List, error)

NewPingPong_echoNum_Results creates a new list of PingPong_echoNum_Results.

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results_List) At

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results_List) Set

func (PingPong_echoNum_Results_List) String

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