timer is like time but repeats your command and provides basic statistics on execution time.

It's inspired by perf stat, but works on MacOS.


go get

Basic Usage

$ timer -n curl
--- timer config
command        curl
iterations     10
parallelism    1
--- percentiles
0        (fastest)         0.037s
25       (1st quantile)    0.041s
50       (median)          0.044s
75       (3rd quantile)    0.049s
100th    (slowest)         0.059s
--- summary
total     0.455s
mean      0.046s
stddev    0.006s

Apache Bench is typically better for websites


You can use the -p flag to configure the number of parallel threads.

$ timer -n 4 -p 2 sleep 1s
--- timer config
command        sleep 1s
iterations     4
parallelism    2
--- percentiles
0        (fastest)         1.005s
25       (1st quantile)    1.005s
50       (median)          1.006s
75       (3rd quantile)    1.006s
100th    (slowest)         1.006s
--- summary
total     2.013s
mean      1.006s
stddev    0.001s

Similar Projects

  • bench provides more thorough analysis and is easily installed on MacOS
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