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func GetExtendedDeviceData

func GetExtendedDeviceData(ctx context.Context, devices []datastore.DeviceOpResult) ([]*api.ExtendedDeviceData, []*api.DeviceOpResult)

    GetExtendedDeviceData gets the lab data joined with device config, manufacturing config, etc.

    func GetExtendedDeviceDataForUFSRouting

    func GetExtendedDeviceDataForUFSRouting(ctx context.Context, extendedData []*api.ExtendedDeviceData) ([]*api.ExtendedDeviceData, []*api.DeviceOpResult)

      GetExtendedDeviceDataForUFSRouting gets the lab data joined with device config, manufacturing config, etc.

      func InstallServices

      func InstallServices(srv *prpc.Server)

        InstallServices install the prpc handlers in the server


        type InventoryServerImpl

        type InventoryServerImpl struct {

          InventoryServerImpl implements service interfaces.

          func (*InventoryServerImpl) AddAssets

          func (is *InventoryServerImpl) AddAssets(ctx context.Context, req *api.AssetList) (response *api.AssetResponse, err error)

            AddAssets adds a record of the given asset to datastore

            func (*InventoryServerImpl) AddCrosDevices

            func (is *InventoryServerImpl) AddCrosDevices(ctx context.Context, req *api.AddCrosDevicesRequest) (resp *api.AddCrosDevicesResponse, err error)

              AddCrosDevices adds new Chrome OS devices to the inventory.

              func (*InventoryServerImpl) BatchCreateManualRepairRecords

                BatchCreateManualRepairRecords creates new submitted manual repair records for a batch of given devices. All records will have the same CreatedTime.

                func (*InventoryServerImpl) BatchGetManualRepairRecords

                  BatchGetManualRepairRecords gets the open record corresponding to each host in the list of given hostnames. If no open record is found, an empty object will be returned for that hostname.

                  func (*InventoryServerImpl) BatchUpdateDevices

                    BatchUpdateDevices updates some specific devices properties in batch.

                    func (*InventoryServerImpl) CreateDeviceManualRepairRecord

                      CreateDeviceManualRepairRecord adds a new submitted manual repair record for a given device.

                      func (*InventoryServerImpl) DeleteAssets

                      func (is *InventoryServerImpl) DeleteAssets(ctx context.Context, req *api.AssetIDList) (response *api.AssetIDResponse, err error)

                        DeleteAssets deletes the asset information from datastore

                        func (*InventoryServerImpl) DeleteCrosDevices

                        func (is *InventoryServerImpl) DeleteCrosDevices(ctx context.Context, req *api.DeleteCrosDevicesRequest) (resp *api.DeleteCrosDevicesResponse, err error)

                          DeleteCrosDevices delete the selelcted devices from the inventory.

                          func (*InventoryServerImpl) DeviceConfigsExists

                            DeviceConfigsExists checks if the device_configs for the given configIds exists in the datastore

                            func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetAssets

                            func (is *InventoryServerImpl) GetAssets(ctx context.Context, req *api.AssetIDList) (response *api.AssetResponse, err error)

                              GetAssets retrieves the asset information given its asset ID

                              func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetCrosDevices

                              func (is *InventoryServerImpl) GetCrosDevices(ctx context.Context, req *api.GetCrosDevicesRequest) (resp *api.GetCrosDevicesResponse, err error)

                                GetCrosDevices retrieves requested Chrome OS devices from the inventory.

                                func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetDeviceConfig

                                func (is *InventoryServerImpl) GetDeviceConfig(ctx context.Context, req *api.GetDeviceConfigRequest) (resp *device.Config, err error)

                                  GetDeviceConfig retrieves requested Chrome OS device device config from the inventory.

                                  func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetDeviceManualRepairRecord

                                    GetDeviceManualRepairRecord checks and returns a manual repair record for a given device hostname if it exists.

                                    func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetHwidData

                                    func (is *InventoryServerImpl) GetHwidData(ctx context.Context, req *api.GetHwidDataRequest) (resp *api.HwidData, err error)

                                      GetHwidData retrieves requested Chrome OS device Hwid Data from the inventory.

                                      func (*InventoryServerImpl) GetManufacturingConfig

                                      func (is *InventoryServerImpl) GetManufacturingConfig(ctx context.Context, req *api.GetManufacturingConfigRequest) (resp *manufacturing.Config, err error)

                                        GetManufacturingConfig retrieves requested Chrome OS device manufacturing config from the inventory.

                                        func (*InventoryServerImpl) ListCrosDevicesLabConfig

                                        func (is *InventoryServerImpl) ListCrosDevicesLabConfig(ctx context.Context, req *api.ListCrosDevicesLabConfigRequest) (response *api.ListCrosDevicesLabConfigResponse, err error)

                                          ListCrosDevicesLabConfig retrieves all lab configs

                                          func (*InventoryServerImpl) ListManualRepairRecords

                                            ListManualRepairRecords takes filtering parameters and returns a list of repair records that match the filters.

                                            Currently supports filtering on: - hostname - asset tag - user ldap - repair state - limit (number of records) - offset - used for pagination

                                            func (*InventoryServerImpl) UpdateAssets

                                            func (is *InventoryServerImpl) UpdateAssets(ctx context.Context, req *api.AssetList) (response *api.AssetResponse, err error)

                                              UpdateAssets updates a record of the given asset to datastore

                                              func (*InventoryServerImpl) UpdateCrosDevicesSetup

                                                UpdateCrosDevicesSetup updates the selected Chrome OS devices setup data in the inventory.

                                                func (*InventoryServerImpl) UpdateDeviceManualRepairRecord

                                                  UpdateDeviceManualRepairRecord updates an existing manual repair record with new submitted info for a given device.

                                                  func (*InventoryServerImpl) UpdateDutsStatus

                                                  func (is *InventoryServerImpl) UpdateDutsStatus(ctx context.Context, req *api.UpdateDutsStatusRequest) (resp *api.UpdateDutsStatusResponse, err error)

                                                    UpdateDutsStatus updates selected Duts' status labels, metas related to testing.

                                                    func (*InventoryServerImpl) UpdateLabstations

                                                    func (is *InventoryServerImpl) UpdateLabstations(ctx context.Context, req *api.UpdateLabstationsRequest) (resp *api.UpdateLabstationsResponse, err error)

                                                      UpdateLabstations updates the given labstations.


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