Package event defines Lucifer events and a function for running Lucifer with an event handler.



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    func AbortWhenDone

    func AbortWhenDone(ctx context.Context, path string) context.CancelFunc

      AbortWhenDone forwards an abort message to an abort socket when provided context is Done().

      This function spawns a goroutine that is cleaned up when the returned CancelFunc is called.

      func Handle

      func Handle(r io.Reader, f Handler) error

        Handle handles events read from an io.Reader. The handler function is called for each event with the event and message strings. Use a closure to keep state or to store errors. This function only returns an error if event parsing fails.

        func RunCommand

        func RunCommand(c *exec.Cmd, f Handler) error

          RunCommand runs an exec.Cmd that uses the event protocol and calls Handle on with the provided handler function to handle events.


          type Event

          type Event string

            Event is a string enum type for valid events to pass to Send and SendWithMsg. Handler functions should be able to handle all of these.

            const (
            	// Starting indicates that the task is beginning to run.
            	Starting Event = "starting"
            	// The following events indicate task status.  The handler may
            	// use these to track task status.
            	Provisioning Event = "provisioning"
            	Running      Event = "running"
            	Gathering    Event = "gathering"
            	Parsing      Event = "parsing"
            	Aborted      Event = "aborted"
            	// Completed indicates that the task has completed.  The
            	// handler may run any post-task logic on receiving this
            	// event.
            	Completed Event = "completed"

              Task status events.

              const (
              	TestPassed Event = "test_passed"
              	TestFailed Event = "test_failed"

                Test status events.

                const (
                	// HostClean indicates that the host is ready to run tests and
                	// that it is clean.  The handler should mark the host as not
                	// dirty if the handler is tracking host dirtiness.  HostClean
                	// should be considered a superset of HostReady.
                	HostClean        Event = "host_clean"
                	HostFailedRepair Event = "host_failed_repair"
                	HostNeedsCleanup Event = "host_needs_cleanup"
                	HostNeedsRepair  Event = "host_needs_repair"
                	HostNeedsReset   Event = "host_needs_reset"
                	// HostReady indicates that the host is ready to run tests.
                	// HostReady should not be sent together with HostClean.
                	HostReady Event = "host_ready"
                	// HostReadyToRun indicates that the host is ready to run
                	// tests, after provisioning and before running tests as part
                	// of a Lucifer task.  This is a transitory state, not a final
                	// state like HostReady.
                	HostReadyToRun Event = "host_ready_to_run"
                	// HostRunning indicates that the host is running a test.  The
                	// handler may mark the host as dirty if the handler is
                	// tracking host dirtiness.
                	HostRunning Event = "host_running"
                	// NeedsDeploy indicates that the host fails the deploy task and needs
                	// to be deployed again.
                	HostNeedsDeploy Event = "host_needs_deploy"
                	// HostNeedsManualRepair indicates that the host required manual attention to be fixed
                	HostNeedsManualRepair Event = "host_needs_manual_repair"
                	// HostNeedsReplacement indicates that the host is not fixable due issues with hardware and has to be replaced
                	HostNeedsReplacement Event = "host_needs_replacement"

                  Host status events.

                  type Forwarder

                  type Forwarder struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    Forwarder encapsulates cleanup for ForwardAbortSignal.

                    func ForwardAbortSignal

                    func ForwardAbortSignal(path string) *Forwarder

                      ForwardAbortSignal catches termination signals and forwards them as abort messages to an abort socket. This function spawns a goroutine and modifies the process signal handlers. Both of these are cleaned up when the returned Forwarder is closed.

                      func (*Forwarder) Close

                      func (f *Forwarder) Close()

                        Close cleans up signal forwarding stuff. Subsequent calls do nothing.

                        type Handler

                        type Handler func(e Event, m string)

                          Handler is the type for valid functions to pass to Handle.

                          GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64