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const Branch = "master"

    Branch is the name of the branch that we're modifying.

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    const GerritHost = ""

      GerritHost is the Gerrit host that manages the repo with the stable version config file.

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      const GitilesHost = ""

        GitilesHost is the host of the gitiles service.

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        const OmahaGSPath = "gs://chromeos-build-release-console/omaha_status.json"

          OmahaGSPath is the full google-storage path to the omaha status file

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          const OmahaStatusFile = "omaha_status.json"

            OmahaStatusFile is the name of the file with stable version information in it.

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            const ProgramName = "stable_version2"

              ProgramName is the name of the current executable.

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              const Project = "chromeos/infra/config"

                Project is the path to the repo root within Gitiles.

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                const StableVersionConfigPath = "lab_platform/stable_version_data/stable_versions.cfg"

                  StableVersionConfigPath is the path to the stable version config file relative to the repo root.


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                  func NewAuthenticatedTransport

                  func NewAuthenticatedTransport(ctx context.Context, f *authcli.Flags) (http.RoundTripper, error)

                    NewAuthenticatedTransport creates a new authenticated transport

                    func NewHTTPClient

                    func NewHTTPClient(ctx context.Context, f *authcli.Flags) (*http.Client, error)

                      NewHTTPClient creates a new HTTP Client with the given authentication options.

                      func PrintError

                      func PrintError(w io.Writer, err error)

                        PrintError writes an error to stderr with the correct program name.

                        func SetupLogging

                        func SetupLogging(ctx context.Context) context.Context

                          SetupLogging sets the log level


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