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Published: Sep 19, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package cipd is an internal CIPD tool wrapper.


func DescribePackage

func DescribePackage(ctx context.Context, pkg, version string) (*cipd.InstanceDescription, error)

DescribePackage returns information about a package instances.

func InstalledPackages

func InstalledPackages(applicationName string) installedPackagesFunc

InstalledPackages returns information about installed CIPD packages.

func UpdatePackageToProd

func UpdatePackageToProd(cipdInstalledPath string, outWriter io.Writer, errWriter io.Writer) error

UpdatePackageToProd updates a given package by its cipd path to prod tag.

type Package

type Package struct {
	Package  string `json:"package"`
	Pin      Pin    `json:"pin"`
	Tracking string `json:"tracking"`

Package contains information about an installed package.

func FindPackage

func FindPackage(packageName, cipdInstalledPath string) (*Package, error)

FindPackage find the package by a given package name.

type Pin

type Pin struct {
	Package    string `json:"package"`
	InstanceID string `json:"instance_id"`

Pin contains information about an installed package instance.

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