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type FakeServer

type FakeServer struct {
	// CreateTaskRequest is set by calls to CreateTask.
	CreateTaskRequest *taskspb.CreateTaskRequest
	// CreateTaskResponse is returned by calls to CreateTask.
	CreateTaskResponse *taskspb.Task
	// CreateTaskError is returned by calls to CreateTask
	CreateTaskError error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    FakeServer implements an in-memory fake implementation of a Cloud Tasks server, suitable for unit testing.

    func (*FakeServer) CreateTask

    func (s *FakeServer) CreateTask(ctx context.Context, req *taskspb.CreateTaskRequest) (*taskspb.Task, error)

      CreateTask stores a reference to req and returns the return values set in s.

      func (*FakeServer) NewClient

      func (s *FakeServer) NewClient(ctx context.Context) (*cloudtasks.Client, error)

        NewClient returns a cloudtasks.Client instance for a fake server, suitable for in-memory unit tests.

        func (*FakeServer) Start

        func (s *FakeServer) Start(ctx context.Context) (*grpc.Server, error)

          Start listens to a randomly selected port on localhost, registers a grpc sever for fakeServer, starts the server and returns the server address and server instance. It is up to the caller to shut down the server instance.

          type Options

          type Options struct {

            Options describes the client configuration for cloudtasks.

            func NewOptionsFromFlags

            func NewOptionsFromFlags() *Options

              NewOptionsFromFlags returns an Options instance populated from command line flag options.

              func (*Options) NewClient

              func (c *Options) NewClient(ctx context.Context) (*cloudtasks.Client, error)

                NewClient returns a cloudtasks Client according to Options settings.