Package infraenv enables applications to access Chrome Infrastructure-specific bot parameters.



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    const ChromeInfraEventsProject = "chrome-infra-events"

      ChromeInfraEventsProject is the standard infra cloud project to use for BigQuery event uploading.

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      const ProdLogDogHost = ""

        ProdLogDogHost is the production LogDog host value.

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        const ProdMiloHost = ""

          ProdMiloHost is the production Milo host value.


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          var DefaultAuthOptions = chromeinfra.DefaultAuthOptions

            DefaultAuthOptions returns auth.Options struct prefilled with chrome-infra defaults (such as OAuth client ID and path to a token cache directory).

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            var ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")

              ErrNotFound is returned if the requested credential is not found.

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              var OnGCE = metadata.OnGCE

                OnGCE will return true if the current system is a Google Compute Engine system.


                func GetLogDogServiceAccountJSON

                func GetLogDogServiceAccountJSON() (string, error)

                  GetLogDogServiceAccountJSON scans the credential directories for the LogDog service account JSON file.

                  If the credential could not be located on this system, ErrNotFound will be returned.


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                  GOOS=linux, GOARCH=amd64