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Published: Jul 13, 2021 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 43 Imported by: 0



Command rts-chromium is Chromium-specific part of the generic RTS framework.

Install it:

go install infra/rts/cmd/rts-chromium

Primarily rts-chromium can generate history files:

rts-chromium presubmit-history \
  -from 2020-10-04 -to 2020-10-05 \
  -out cq.hist

It will ask to login on the first run.


Flags -builder and -test can be used to narrow the search down to specific builder and/or test. The flag values are regexps. The following retrieves history of browser_tests on linux-rel:

rts-chromium presubmit-history \
  -from 2020-10-04 -to 2020-10-05 \
  -out linux-rel-browser-tests.hist \
  -builder linux-rel \
  -test ninja://chrome/test:browser_tests/.+

Test duration fraction

By default the tool fetches only 0.1% of test durations, because Chromium CQ produces 1B+ of test results per day. Fetching them all would be excessive.

However, if the date range is short and/or filters are applied, the default fraction of 0.1% might be inappropriate. It can be changed using -duration-data-frac flag. The following changes the sample size to 10%:

rts-chromium presubmit-history \
  -from 2020-10-04 -to 2020-10-05 \
  -out cq.hist
  -duration-data-frac 0.1

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