Package plugsupport provides implementations for loading migrator plugins.

    Users of the `migrator` tool should not import or use this package (just the base "infra/tools/migrator" package).



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    func APIFromPlugin

    func APIFromPlugin(plug *plugin.Plugin) (constructor migrator.InstantiateAPI, err error)

      APIFromPlugin extracts all API symbols from `plug`, returning them as a single interface implementation.

      `warnings` contains a list of plugin load warnings; It would be good to elevate these to the user so they could be aware of e.g. a misspelled method name or similar.

      This returns an error if a plugin symbol was defined, but has the wrong type.

      func CreateOrLoadRepo

      func CreateOrLoadRepo(ctx context.Context, project ProjectDir, projID string, projPB *configpb.Project) (ret migrator.Repo, newCheckout bool, err error)

        CreateOrLoadRepo loads a new repo, checking it out if it's not available locally.

        If `projPB` is nil, the repo MUST exist locally, or this returns an error.

        Returns `true` if this did a new checkout.

        func DumpReports

        func DumpReports(ctx context.Context) *migrator.ReportDump

          DumpReports returns all collected Report information within `ctx`.

          func HasReports

          func HasReports(ctx context.Context) bool

            HasReports returns `true` if `ctx` contains any Reports.

            func InitReportSink

            func InitReportSink(ctx context.Context) context.Context

              InitReportSink adds a new empty ReportSink to context and returns the new context.

              If there's an existing ReportSink, it will be hidden by this.

              func RemoteProject

              func RemoteProject(ctx context.Context, projID string) migrator.Project

                RemoteProject returns a new migrator.Project object for `projID`.


                type ProjectDir

                type ProjectDir string

                  ProjectDir is an absolute path to a migrator project directory.

                  func FindProjectRoot

                  func FindProjectRoot(abspath string) (ProjectDir, error)

                    FindProjectRoot finds a migrator ProjectDir starting from `abspath` and working up towards the filesystem root.

                    func (ProjectDir) CleanTrash

                    func (p ProjectDir) CleanTrash() error

                      CleanTrash removes TrashDir().

                      func (ProjectDir) ConfigDir

                      func (p ProjectDir) ConfigDir() string

                        ConfigDir returns the absolute path of the migrator project's config directory.

                        func (ProjectDir) ConfigFile

                        func (p ProjectDir) ConfigFile() string

                          ConfigFile returns the absolute path of the migrator project's main config file.

                          The existance of this file is used to determine if a folder is a migrator project.

                          func (ProjectDir) MkTempDir

                          func (p ProjectDir) MkTempDir() (string, error)

                            MkTempDir generates a new temporary directory within TrashDir().

                            func (ProjectDir) PluginDir

                            func (p ProjectDir) PluginDir() string

                              PluginDir returns the absolute path of the migrator project's plugin code directory.

                              func (ProjectDir) ProjectLog

                              func (p ProjectDir) ProjectLog(projectID string) string

                                ProjectLog returns the absolute path of the scan log for a given LUCI project within this migrator project.

                                func (ProjectDir) ProjectRepo

                                func (p ProjectDir) ProjectRepo(projectID string) string

                                  ProjectRepo returns the path for a specific LUCI project's git checkout.

                                  func (ProjectDir) ProjectRepoTemp

                                  func (p ProjectDir) ProjectRepoTemp(projectID string) string

                                    ProjectRepoTemp returns a LUCI project temporary checkout directory.

                                    During repo creation, the initial git repo is cloned here and then moved to its ProjectRepo() path on success.

                                    func (ProjectDir) ReportPath

                                    func (p ProjectDir) ReportPath() string

                                      ReportPath returns the absolute path of the migrator project's CSV scan report file.

                                      func (ProjectDir) TrashDir

                                      func (p ProjectDir) TrashDir() string

                                        TrashDir returns the absolute path of the migrator project's trash directory.

                                        The trash directory is used to compile the plugin; New runs of migrator will make best-effort attempts to clean up this directory using CleanTrash().


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