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type Client

    Client defines the common interface for the inventory client used by various command line tools.

    type V2Client

    type V2Client struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      V2Client is an API client for the inventory V2 service.

      func NewInventoryClient

      func NewInventoryClient(hc *http.Client,
      	inventoryService string,
      	options *prpc.Options,
      ) *V2Client

        NewInventoryClient creates a new instance of inventory client.

        func (*V2Client) BatchUpdateDUTs

        func (client *V2Client) BatchUpdateDUTs(ctx context.Context, req *fleet.BatchUpdateDutsRequest, writer io.Writer) error

          BatchUpdateDUTs updates many DUTs.

          func (*V2Client) DeleteDUTs

          func (client *V2Client) DeleteDUTs(ctx context.Context, hostnames []string, authFlags *authcli.Flags, rr rem.RemovalReason, stdout io.Writer) (modified bool, err error)

            DeleteDUTs deletes DUTs from the inventory and tracks the reason for the removal.

            func (*V2Client) FilterDUTHostnames

            func (client *V2Client) FilterDUTHostnames(ctx context.Context, hostnames []string) ([]string, error)

              FilterDUTHostnames produces a list of only the DUT hostnames that exist.

              func (*V2Client) GetDutInfo

              func (client *V2Client) GetDutInfo(ctx context.Context, id string, byHostname bool) (*inventory.DeviceUnderTest, error)

                GetDutInfo gets the dut information from inventory v2 service.

                func (*V2Client) UpdateDUT

                func (client *V2Client) UpdateDUT(ctx context.Context, newSpecs *inventory.CommonDeviceSpecs) error

                  UpdateDUT takes the device specifications for a DUT and updates its entry in the inventory.

                  func (*V2Client) UpdateLabstations

                  func (client *V2Client) UpdateLabstations(ctx context.Context, hostname, servosToDelete, dutToAdd string) (*invV2Api.UpdateLabstationsResponse, error)

                    UpdateLabstations is similar to UpdateDUT but updates a labstation instead. Since labstations manage devices like servos and DUTs, updating a labstation potentially involves modifying multiple tracked by the inventory in a way that can't be done as a sequence of individual steps without breaking invariants.