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func IsSwarmingTaskErr

func IsSwarmingTaskErr(e error) bool

IsSwarmingTaskErr returns true if the given error is because of a swarming task failure


type TaskCreator

type TaskCreator struct {
	Client      *swarming.Client
	Environment site.Environment
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TaskCreator creates Swarming tasks

func NewTaskCreator

func NewTaskCreator(ctx context.Context, authFlags *authcli.Flags, envFlags skycmdlib.EnvFlags) (*TaskCreator, error)

NewTaskCreator creates and initialize the TaskCreator.

func (*TaskCreator) DeployTask

func (tc *TaskCreator) DeployTask(ctx context.Context, dutID, actions string) (taskID string, err error)

DeployTask creates deploy task for a particular DUT

The deployment task's parameters are hardcoded by the system instead of users now. TODO: Call DeployTask in add-dut and update-dut directly instead of calling crosskylabadmin.

type TaskInfo

type TaskInfo struct {
	// ID of the created task in the Swarming.
	ID string
	// TaskURL provides the URL to the created task in Swarming.
	TaskURL string

TaskInfo contains information of the created task.

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