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func MetaFilePath

func MetaFilePath(crosSV *sv.StableCrosVersion) gs.Path

MetaFilePath returns gs path for meta file

func ParseOmahaStatus

func ParseOmahaStatus(ctx context.Context, data []byte) ([]*sv.StableCrosVersion, error)

ParseOmahaStatus the omaha stable version strings.


type Client

type Client struct {
	C gs.Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client refers to a google storage client.

func (*Client) Download

func (gsc *Client) Download(gsPath gs.Path, localPath string) error

Download objects specified by a path from Google Storage to local.

func (*Client) DownloadByteRange

func (gsc *Client) DownloadByteRange(gsPath gs.Path, localPath string, start int64, stop int64) error

DownloadByteRange downloads a byte range from a GS object specified by a path.

func (*Client) Init

func (gsc *Client) Init(ctx context.Context, t http.RoundTripper, unmarshaler jsonpb.Unmarshaler) error

Init a Google Storage client.

type ParseMetadataResult

type ParseMetadataResult struct {
	BuildTargets        []string
	ModelInBuildTargets map[string][]string
	FirmwareVersions    []*sv.StableFirmwareVersion

ParseMetadataResult is the information present in the Omaha metadata file.

func ParseMetadata

func ParseMetadata(data []byte) (*ParseMetadataResult, error)

ParseMetadata parses the build metadata.

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