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Published: Jul 13, 2021 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 10 Imported by: 0



Package difftests provides utilities for writing tests that compare against golden output.



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type TestCase

type TestCase struct {
	Name string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TestCase provides methods load and save data for a diff test.

func DiscoverTestCases

func DiscoverTestCases(t *testing.T, root string) []TestCase

DiscoverTestCases discovers test cases for expectation tests.

DiscoverTestCases assumes the following filesystem layout under `root`: - Input files, named ${root}/**/*.input, contain the input protobuf payload. - Golden files are named correspondingly ${root}/**/*.golden

Golden files may be missing in some cases, and will be created by the UpdateGoldenIfRequested() method on TestCase.

func (*TestCase) LoadGolden

func (tc *TestCase) LoadGolden(t *testing.T) (contents []string, loaded bool)

LoadGolden loads the golden file for a test case.

Failures to load golden file contents reported as non-fatal errors so that the golden file can be updated later.

Callers should skip TestCases where golden file can not be loaded.

func (*TestCase) LoadInput

func (tc *TestCase) LoadInput(t *testing.T, outM proto.Message)

LoadInput loads the input payload for the test case into the provided protobuf message.

func (*TestCase) UpdateGoldenIfRequested

func (tc *TestCase) UpdateGoldenIfRequested(t *testing.T, data []string)

UpdateGoldenIfRequested updates the golden file for a test case.

Golden file updates can be enabled from the command line by setting the -update-lint-golden-files flag.

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