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Package site contains site local constants for the qscheduler tool.



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var DefaultAuthOptions = auth.Options{

	ClientID:     "",
	ClientSecret: "uBfbay2KCy9t4QveJ-dOqHtp",
	SecretsDir:   SecretsDir(),
	Scopes:       []string{auth.OAuthScopeEmail},

DefaultAuthOptions is an auth.Options struct prefilled with chrome-infra defaults.

TODO: This is copied from the Go swarming client. We should probably get our own OAuth client credentials at some point.

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var DefaultPRPCOptions *prpc.Options

DefaultPRPCOptions is used for PRPC clients. If it is nil, the default value is used. See prpc.Options for details.

This is provided so it can be overridden for testing.

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var Dev = Environment{
	QSchedulerHost: "",

Dev is the environment for dev.

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var Prod = Environment{
	QSchedulerHost: "",

Prod is the environment for prod.


func SecretsDir

func SecretsDir() string

SecretsDir returns an absolute path to a directory (in $HOME) to keep secret files in (e.g. OAuth refresh tokens) or an empty string if $HOME can't be determined (happens in some degenerate cases, it just disables auth token cache).


type Environment

type Environment struct {
	QSchedulerHost string

Environment contains environment specific values.

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