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func AddBookmark

func AddBookmark(db *sqlx.DB, b *models.Bookmark, broadcast func(msg interface{})) error

AddBookmark stores one bookmark into the database.

func AddBookmarkByURL

func AddBookmarkByURL(db *sqlx.DB, u string) error

AddBookmarkByURL reads a URL and inserts its bookmark into the database.

func CheckBookmarks

func CheckBookmarks(db *sqlx.DB) error

CheckBookmarks looks for broken links.

func DeleteBookmark

func DeleteBookmark(db *sqlx.DB, b *models.Bookmark, broadcast func(interface{})) error

DeleteBookmark deletes one bookmark from the database.

func ImportBookmarks

func ImportBookmarks(db *sqlx.DB, r io.Reader) error

ImportBookmarks takes a reader that has one URL per row and inserts them into DB.

func ListBookmarks

func ListBookmarks(db *sqlx.DB) ([]*models.Bookmark, error)

ListBookmarks list all bookmarks.

func MarkBookmarkAsPostpone

func MarkBookmarkAsPostpone(db *sqlx.DB, id int64, broadcast func(msg interface{})) error

MarkBookmarkAsPostpone moves a bookmark to a delayed position in the inbox.

func MarkBookmarkAsRead

func MarkBookmarkAsRead(db *sqlx.DB, id int64, broadcast func(msg interface{})) error

MarkBookmarkAsRead moves a bookmark out of inbox.


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