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This package is built on top of text/language and text/message.


Checkout example for details.

Integrate with other frameworks

It is easy to integrate with other frameworks by Handler or Middleware, and then retrieves translator in handler by GetTranslator.




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func Handler

func Handler(ts *Translators, next http.Handler, parsers ...LanguageParser) http.Handler

Handler is a HTTP handler that store the matched translator in request context.

func Middleware

func Middleware(ts *Translators, parsers ...LanguageParser) func(http.Handler) http.Handler

Middleware is a HTTP middleware that store the matched translator in request context.


type CookieLanguageParser

type CookieLanguageParser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CookieLanguageParser returns the language value from cookie.

func NewCookieLanguageParser

func NewCookieLanguageParser(name string) CookieLanguageParser

NewCookieLanguageParser returns a CookieLanguageParser.

func (CookieLanguageParser) Parse

Parse implements LanguageParser.Parse.

type FileDecoder

type FileDecoder interface {
	Decode([]byte, *Translation) error

FileDecoder is a function that decode file content to tranlation.

type FileStore

type FileStore struct {
	Directory string
	Decoder   FileDecoder

FileStore is a file store.

func NewFileStore

func NewFileStore(directory string, decoder FileDecoder) *FileStore

NewFileStore returns a file store with the given directory and decoder.

func (*FileStore) Get

func (s *FileStore) Get() (Translations, error)

Get implements Store.Get.

type HeaderLanguageParser

type HeaderLanguageParser struct {

HeaderLanguageParser returns the language value from request header.

func (HeaderLanguageParser) Parse

Parse implements LanguageParser.Parse.

type JSONFileDecoder

type JSONFileDecoder struct {

JSONFileDecoder is a JSON file decoder.

func (JSONFileDecoder) Decode

func (d JSONFileDecoder) Decode(data []byte, translation *Translation) error

Decode implements FileDecoder.Decode

type LanguageParser

type LanguageParser interface {
	Parse(*http.Request) string

LanguageParser is an interface that defined how to retrieve language from a request.

type Option

type Option func(ts *Translators)

Option for appling on translatiors.

func Fallback

func Fallback(fallback string) Option

Fallback is an option to change fallback language of translators.

type Store

type Store interface {
	Get() (Translations, error)

Store is where translations located.

type Translation

type Translation map[string]string

Translation is a key-value pair.

type Translations

type Translations map[string]Translation

Translations is a map that mapping from language to translations.

type Translator

type Translator struct {

Translator is a wrapper of message.Printer.

func GetTranslator

func GetTranslator(r *http.Request) *Translator

GetTranslator returns a translator from request context.

func NewTranslator

func NewTranslator(printer *message.Printer) *Translator

NewTranslator returns a new Translator.

type Translators

type Translators struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Translators is a collections of translator.

func New

func New(opts ...Option) *Translators

New returns a translators.

func (*Translators) Import

func (ts *Translators) Import(store Store) error

Import imports translations from the given store.

func (*Translators) MatchTranslator

func (ts *Translators) MatchTranslator(langs ...string) *Translator

MatchTranslator returns the matched translator of the given language.

type URLLanguageParser

type URLLanguageParser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

URLLanguageParser returns the language value from request URL.

func NewURLLanguageParser

func NewURLLanguageParser(name string) URLLanguageParser

NewURLLanguageParser returns a URLLanguageParser.

func (URLLanguageParser) Parse

func (p URLLanguageParser) Parse(r *http.Request) string

Parse implements LanguageParser.Parse.

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