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Published: Jun 1, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Standard library
Path Synopsis
auth Package auth provides access to user-provided authentication credentials.
base Package base defines shared basic pieces of the go command, in particular logging and the Command structure.
bug Package bug implements the “go bug” command.
cache Package cache implements a build artifact cache.
cfg Package cfg holds configuration shared by multiple parts of the go command.
clean Package clean implements the “go clean” command.
cmdflag Package cmdflag handles flag processing common to several go tools.
doc Package doc implements the “go doc” command.
envcmd Package envcmd implements the “go env” command.
fix Package fix implements the “go fix” command.
fmtcmd Package fmtcmd implements the “go fmt” command.
generate Package generate implements the “go generate” command.
get Package get implements the “go get” command.
help Package help implements the “go help” command.
list Package list implements the “go list” command.
load Package load loads packages.
lockedfile Package lockedfile creates and manipulates files whose contents should only change atomically.
lockedfile/internal/filelock Package filelock provides a platform-independent API for advisory file locking.
modcmd Package modcmd implements the “go mod” command.
modfetch/codehost Package codehost defines the interface implemented by a code hosting source, along with support code for use by implementations.
modget Package modget implements the module-aware “go get” command.
mvs Package mvs implements Minimal Version Selection.
par Package par implements parallel execution helpers.
renameio Package renameio writes files atomically by renaming temporary files.
robustio Package robustio wraps I/O functions that are prone to failure on Windows, transparently retrying errors up to an arbitrary timeout.
run Package run implements the “go run” command.
str Package str provides string manipulation utilities.
tool Package tool implements the “go tool” command.
txtar Package txtar implements a trivial text-based file archive format.
version Package version implements the “go version” command.
vet Package vet implements the “go vet” command.
web Package web defines minimal helper routines for accessing HTTP/HTTPS resources without requiring external dependencies on the net package.