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Published: Sep 18, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func NewClients

func NewClients() *interfaces.WebsocketClient

NewClients -

type Clients

type Clients struct {
	AlreadyDestroy bool
	Options        *interfaces.WebsocketClientOption
	Socket         []*clients
	CurrentIndex   int
	CountThread    int

Clients -

func (*Clients) ChangeURL

func (cc *Clients) ChangeURL(ad interfaces.ClientURL, useproxy bool, pr interfaces.ClientURL)

ChangeURL -

func (*Clients) Close

func (cc *Clients) Close(id int)

Close -

func (*Clients) CloseAll

func (cc *Clients) CloseAll()

CloseAll -

func (*Clients) Destroy

func (cc *Clients) Destroy()

Destroy -

func (*Clients) New

func (cc *Clients) New(opt *interfaces.WebsocketClientOption)

New -

func (*Clients) Send

func (cc *Clients) Send(msg []byte)

Send -

func (*Clients) SendGob

func (cc *Clients) SendGob(msg interface{})

SendGob -

func (*Clients) SendGobID

func (cc *Clients) SendGobID(idx int, msg interface{})

SendGobID -

func (*Clients) SendID

func (cc *Clients) SendID(idx int, msg []byte)

SendID -

func (*Clients) SendJSON

func (cc *Clients) SendJSON(msg interface{})

SendJSON -

func (*Clients) SendJSONID

func (cc *Clients) SendJSONID(idx int, msg interface{})


type SubChannel

type SubChannel struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SubChannel -

func (*SubChannel) Close

func (cc *SubChannel) Close(callback func())

Close -

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