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Published: Jan 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type InMemoryGenerator

type InMemoryGenerator struct {
	Bits      int    // Key bits
	Expiry    int    // Expiration (days)
	Algorithm string // Algorithm type
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

InMemoryGenerator represents a secret generator that generates everything by itself, using no 3rd party tools

func NewInMemoryGenerator

func NewInMemoryGenerator(log *zap.SugaredLogger) *InMemoryGenerator

NewInMemoryGenerator creates a default InMemoryGenerator

func (InMemoryGenerator) GenerateCertificate

func (g InMemoryGenerator) GenerateCertificate(name string, request credsgen.CertificateGenerationRequest) (credsgen.Certificate, error)

GenerateCertificate generates a certificate using Cloudflare's TLS toolkit

func (InMemoryGenerator) GenerateCertificateSigningRequest

func (g InMemoryGenerator) GenerateCertificateSigningRequest(request credsgen.CertificateGenerationRequest) ([]byte, []byte, error)

GenerateCertificateSigningRequest Generates a certificate signing request and private key

func (InMemoryGenerator) GeneratePassword

func (g InMemoryGenerator) GeneratePassword(name string, request credsgen.PasswordGenerationRequest) string

GeneratePassword generates a random password

func (InMemoryGenerator) GenerateRSAKey

func (g InMemoryGenerator) GenerateRSAKey(name string) (credsgen.RSAKey, error)

GenerateRSAKey generates an RSA key using go's standard crypto library

func (InMemoryGenerator) GenerateSSHKey

func (g InMemoryGenerator) GenerateSSHKey(name string) (credsgen.SSHKey, error)

GenerateSSHKey generates an SSH key using go's standard crypto library

Package Files

  • certificate.go
  • in_memory_generator.go
  • password.go
  • rsa_key.go
  • ssh_key.go
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