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func MinCliVersionStr

func MinCliVersionStr(version VersionType) string

func NewCliConnection

func NewCliConnection(cliServerPort string) *cliConnection

func Start

func Start(cmd Plugin)


    * This function is called by the plugin to setup their server. This allows us to call Run on the plugin
    * os.Args[1] port CF_CLI rpc server is running on
    * os.Args[2] **OPTIONAL**
    	* SendMetadata - used to fetch the plugin metadata



    type CliConnection

    type CliConnection interface {
    	CliCommandWithoutTerminalOutput(args ...string) ([]string, error)
    	CliCommand(args ...string) ([]string, error)
    	GetCurrentOrg() (plugin_models.Organization, error)
    	GetCurrentSpace() (plugin_models.Space, error)
    	Username() (string, error)
    	UserGuid() (string, error)
    	UserEmail() (string, error)
    	IsLoggedIn() (bool, error)
    	// IsSSLDisabled returns true if and only if the user is connected to the Cloud Controller API with the
    	// `--skip-ssl-validation` flag set unless the CLI configuration file cannot be read, in which case it
    	// returns an error.
    	IsSSLDisabled() (bool, error)
    	HasOrganization() (bool, error)
    	HasSpace() (bool, error)
    	ApiEndpoint() (string, error)
    	ApiVersion() (string, error)
    	HasAPIEndpoint() (bool, error)
    	LoggregatorEndpoint() (string, error)
    	DopplerEndpoint() (string, error)
    	AccessToken() (string, error)
    	GetApp(string) (plugin_models.GetAppModel, error)
    	GetApps() ([]plugin_models.GetAppsModel, error)
    	GetOrgs() ([]plugin_models.GetOrgs_Model, error)
    	GetSpaces() ([]plugin_models.GetSpaces_Model, error)
    	GetOrgUsers(string, ...string) ([]plugin_models.GetOrgUsers_Model, error)
    	GetSpaceUsers(string, string) ([]plugin_models.GetSpaceUsers_Model, error)
    	GetServices() ([]plugin_models.GetServices_Model, error)
    	GetService(string) (plugin_models.GetService_Model, error)
    	GetOrg(string) (plugin_models.GetOrg_Model, error)
    	GetSpace(string) (plugin_models.GetSpace_Model, error)


      List of commands available to CliConnection variable passed into run


      type Command

      type Command struct {
      	Name         string
      	Alias        string
      	HelpText     string
      	UsageDetails Usage //Detail usage to be displayed in `cf help <cmd>`

      type Plugin

      type Plugin interface {
      	Run(cliConnection CliConnection, args []string)
      	GetMetadata() PluginMetadata


        Command interface needs to be implemented for a runnable plugin of `cf`


        type PluginMetadata

        type PluginMetadata struct {
        	Name          string
        	Version       VersionType
        	MinCliVersion VersionType
        	Commands      []Command

        type Usage

        type Usage struct {
        	Usage   string
        	Options map[string]string

        type VersionType

        type VersionType struct {
        	Major int
        	Minor int
        	Build int


        Path Synopsis