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Published: Jun 20, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type AppDefinition

type AppDefinition struct {
	ManifestPath  string `json:"manifestPath"`
	AppNamePrefix string `json:"appNamePrefix"`
	AppCount      int    `json:"appCount"`

type Config

type Config interface {
	NumBatches() int
	MaxInFlight() int
	MaxPollingErrors() int
	// Tolerance() float64
	AppPayload() string
	Prefix() string
	Domain() string
	UseTLS() bool
	SkipVerifyCertificate() bool
	// ConfigFile() string
	OutputFile() string
	Timeout() time.Duration
	TotalAppCount() int
	MaxAllowedFailures() int
	AppTypes() []AppDefinition

go:generate counterfeiter -o fakes/fake_config.go . Config

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(
	logger lager.Logger,
	cfClient cli.CFClient,
	numBatches, maxInFlight, maxPollingErrors int,
	tolerance float64,
	appPayload, prefix, domain, configFile, outputFile string,
	timeout time.Duration,
	useTLS, skipVerifyCertificate bool,
) (Config, error)

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