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const (
	Unknown        = "Unknown reason"
	DetectFailMsg  = "NoAppDetectedError"
	CompileFailMsg = "BuildpackCompileFailed"
	ReleaseFailMsg = "BuildpackReleaseFailed"

	FullDetectFailMsg      = "None of the buildpacks detected a compatible application"
	SupplyFailMsg          = "Failed to run all supply scripts"
	NoSupplyScriptFailMsg  = "Error: one of the buildpacks chosen to supply dependencies does not support multi-buildpack apps"
	MissingFinalizeWarnMsg = "" /* 158-byte string literal not displayed */
	FinalizeFailMsg        = "Failed to run finalize script"

	SystemFailCode   = 1
	DetectFailCode   = 222
	CompileFailCode  = 223
	ReleaseFailCode  = 224
	SupplyFailCode   = 225
	FinalizeFailCode = 227


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func BuildpackPath

func BuildpackPath(baseDir, buildpackName string) string

func NewCompileFailError

func NewCompileFailError(err error) error

func NewFinalizeFailError

func NewFinalizeFailError(err error) error

func NewNoSupplyScriptFailError

func NewNoSupplyScriptFailError(err error) error

func NewReleaseFailError

func NewReleaseFailError(err error) error

func NewSupplyFailError

func NewSupplyFailError(err error) error


type Buildpack

type Buildpack struct {
	Name       string `json:"name"`
	Key        string `json:"key"`
	URL        string `json:"url"`
	SkipDetect bool   `json:"skip_detect,omitempty"`

type BuildpackMetadata

type BuildpackMetadata struct {
	Key     string `json:"key"`
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`

type Config

type Config struct {
	BuildDir                  string
	BuildpacksDir             string
	OutputDropletLocation     string
	OutputBuildArtifactsCache string
	OutputMetadataLocation    string
	BuildpackOrder            []string
	SkipDetect                bool
	BuildArtifactsCache       string

func (Config) BuildArtifactsCacheDir

func (s Config) BuildArtifactsCacheDir() string

func (Config) DepsIndex

func (s Config) DepsIndex(i int) string

func (*Config) InitBuildpacks

func (s *Config) InitBuildpacks(buildpacksJSON string) error

func (Config) SupplyBuildpacks

func (s Config) SupplyBuildpacks() []string

type DescriptiveError

type DescriptiveError struct {
	ExitCode   int
	InnerError error
	Message    string

func (DescriptiveError) Error

func (e DescriptiveError) Error() string

type LifecycleMetadata

type LifecycleMetadata struct {
	BuildpackKey      string              `json:"buildpack_key,omitempty"`
	DetectedBuildpack string              `json:"detected_buildpack"`
	Buildpacks        []BuildpackMetadata `json:"buildpacks"`

type ProcessTypes

type ProcessTypes map[string]string

type Release

type Release struct {
	DefaultProcessTypes ProcessTypes `yaml:"default_process_types"`

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	BuildpackOut io.Writer
	BuildpackErr io.Writer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRunner

func NewRunner(config *Config) *Runner

func (*Runner) CleanUp

func (runner *Runner) CleanUp()

func (*Runner) Run

func (runner *Runner) Run() error

type StagingInfo

type StagingInfo struct {
	DetectedBuildpack string `json:"detected_buildpack" yaml:"detected_buildpack"`
	StartCommand      string `json:"start_command" yaml:"start_command"`

    StagingInfo is used for export/import droplets.

    type StagingResult

    type StagingResult struct {
    	LifecycleMetadata `json:"lifecycle_metadata"`
    	ProcessTypes      `json:"process_types"`
    	ExecutionMetadata string `json:"execution_metadata"`
    	LifecycleType     string `json:"lifecycle_type"`

    func NewStagingResult

    func NewStagingResult(procTypes ProcessTypes, lifeMeta LifecycleMetadata) StagingResult