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const DockerHubHost = ""

type BuildpackStaging

type BuildpackStaging struct {
	Converter        StagingConverter
	StagingDesirer   StagingDesirer
	StagingDeleter   StagingDeleter
	StagingCompleter StagingCompleter
	Logger           lager.Logger

func (*BuildpackStaging) CompleteStaging

func (b *BuildpackStaging) CompleteStaging(taskCompletedRequest cf.StagingCompletedRequest) error

func (*BuildpackStaging) TransferStaging

func (b *BuildpackStaging) TransferStaging(ctx context.Context, stagingGUID string, stagingRequest cf.StagingRequest) error

type DockerStaging

type DockerStaging struct {
	Logger               lager.Logger
	ImageMetadataFetcher ImageMetadataFetcher
	ImageRefParser       ImageRefParser
	StagingCompleter     StagingCompleter

func (DockerStaging) CompleteStaging

func (s DockerStaging) CompleteStaging(taskCompletedRequest cf.StagingCompletedRequest) error

func (DockerStaging) TransferStaging

func (s DockerStaging) TransferStaging(ctx context.Context, stagingGUID string, request cf.StagingRequest) error

type ImageMetadataFetcher

type ImageMetadataFetcher func(string, types.SystemContext) (*v1.ImageConfig, error)

func (ImageMetadataFetcher) Fetch

func (f ImageMetadataFetcher) Fetch(dockerRef string, sysCtx types.SystemContext) (*v1.ImageConfig, error)

type ImageRefParser

type ImageRefParser func(string) (string, error)

func (ImageRefParser) Parse

func (f ImageRefParser) Parse(img string) (string, error)

type JSONClient

type JSONClient interface {
	Post(url string, data interface{}) error

type LRP

type LRP struct {
	DefaultNamespace string
	Converter        LRPConverter
	Desirer          LRPDesirer

func (*LRP) GetApp

func (l *LRP) GetApp(ctx context.Context, identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) (cf.DesiredLRP, error)

func (*LRP) GetInstances

func (l *LRP) GetInstances(ctx context.Context, identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) ([]*cf.Instance, error)

func (*LRP) List

func (l *LRP) List(ctx context.Context) ([]cf.DesiredLRPSchedulingInfo, error)

func (*LRP) Stop

func (l *LRP) Stop(ctx context.Context, identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) error

func (*LRP) StopInstance

func (l *LRP) StopInstance(ctx context.Context, identifier opi.LRPIdentifier, index uint) error

func (*LRP) Transfer

func (l *LRP) Transfer(ctx context.Context, request cf.DesireLRPRequest) error

func (*LRP) Update

func (l *LRP) Update(ctx context.Context, request cf.UpdateDesiredLRPRequest) error

type LRPConverter

type LRPConverter interface {
	ConvertLRP(request cf.DesireLRPRequest) (opi.LRP, error)

type LRPDesirer

type LRPDesirer interface {
	Desire(namespace string, lrp *opi.LRP, opts ...k8s.DesireOption) error
	List() ([]*opi.LRP, error)
	Get(identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) (*opi.LRP, error)
	GetInstances(identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) ([]*opi.Instance, error)
	Update(lrp *opi.LRP) error
	Stop(identifier opi.LRPIdentifier) error
	StopInstance(identifier opi.LRPIdentifier, index uint) error

type LifecycleMetadata

type LifecycleMetadata struct {
	DockerImage string `json:"docker_image"`

type OPIConverter

type OPIConverter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOPIConverter

func NewOPIConverter(logger lager.Logger, registryIP string, diskLimitMB int64, imageMetadataFetcher ImageMetadataFetcher, imageRefParser ImageRefParser, allowRunImageAsRoot bool, stagerConfig eirini.StagerConfig) *OPIConverter

func (*OPIConverter) ConvertLRP

func (c *OPIConverter) ConvertLRP(request cf.DesireLRPRequest) (opi.LRP, error)

func (*OPIConverter) ConvertStaging

func (c *OPIConverter) ConvertStaging(stagingGUID string, request cf.StagingRequest) (opi.StagingTask, error)

func (*OPIConverter) ConvertTask

func (c *OPIConverter) ConvertTask(taskGUID string, request cf.TaskRequest) (opi.Task, error)

type ProcessTypes

type ProcessTypes struct {
	Web string `json:"web"`

type StagingCompleter

type StagingCompleter interface {
	CompleteStaging(cf.StagingCompletedRequest) error

type StagingConverter

type StagingConverter interface {
	ConvertStaging(stagingGUID string, request cf.StagingRequest) (opi.StagingTask, error)

type StagingDeleter

type StagingDeleter interface {
	DeleteStaging(name string) error

type StagingDesirer

type StagingDesirer interface {
	DesireStaging(task *opi.StagingTask) error

type StagingResult

type StagingResult struct {
	LifecycleType     string            `json:"lifecycle_type"`
	LifecycleMetadata LifecycleMetadata `json:"lifecycle_metadata"`
	ProcessTypes      ProcessTypes      `json:"process_types"`
	ExecutionMetadata string            `json:"execution_metadata"`

type Task

type Task struct {
	DefaultNamespace string
	Converter        TaskConverter
	TaskDesirer      TaskDesirer
	TaskDeleter      TaskDeleter
	JSONClient       JSONClient

func (*Task) CancelTask

func (t *Task) CancelTask(taskGUID string) error

func (*Task) TransferTask

func (t *Task) TransferTask(ctx context.Context, taskGUID string, taskRequest cf.TaskRequest) error

type TaskConverter

type TaskConverter interface {
	ConvertTask(taskGUID string, request cf.TaskRequest) (opi.Task, error)

type TaskDeleter

type TaskDeleter interface {
	Delete(guid string) (string, error)

type TaskDesirer

type TaskDesirer interface {
	Desire(namespace string, task *opi.Task, opts ...k8s.DesireOption) error
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