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type API

type API interface {
	StatsSummary(nodename string) (StatsSummary, error)

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient

func NewClient(kubeClient rest.Interface) Client

func (Client) StatsSummary

func (c Client) StatsSummary(nodename string) (StatsSummary, error)

type ContainerStats

type ContainerStats struct {
	Rootfs *FsStats `json:"rootfs,omitempty"`
	Logs   *FsStats `json:"logs,omitempty"`

type DiskMetricsClient

type DiskMetricsClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDiskMetricsClient

func NewDiskMetricsClient(nodeClient NodeAPI, kubeletClient API, namespace string, logger lager.Logger) DiskMetricsClient

func (DiskMetricsClient) GetPodMetrics

func (d DiskMetricsClient) GetPodMetrics() (map[string]float64, error)

type FsStats

type FsStats struct {
	UsedBytes *uint64 `json:"usedBytes,omitempty"`

type NodeAPI

type NodeAPI interface {
	List(ctx context.Context, opts metav1.ListOptions) (*corev1.NodeList, error)

type PodReference

type PodReference struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`
	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`

type PodStats

type PodStats struct {
	PodRef     PodReference     `json:"podRef"`
	Containers []ContainerStats `json:"containers"`

type StatsSummary

type StatsSummary struct {
	Pods []PodStats `json:"pods"`

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