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type CAPIClient

type CAPIClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    CAPIClient defines a client for accessing the CC API

    func NewCAPIClient

    func NewCAPIClient(
    	capiAddr string,
    	externalCapiAddr string,
    	client HTTPClient,
    	m Metrics,
    	log *log.Logger,
    ) *CAPIClient

      NewCAPIClient returns a new CAPIClient

      func (*CAPIClient) AvailableSourceIDs

      func (c *CAPIClient) AvailableSourceIDs(token string) []string

        AvailableSourceIDs returns all the available source ids a client has access to

        func (*CAPIClient) IsAuthorized

        func (c *CAPIClient) IsAuthorized(sourceID, token string) bool

          IsAuthorized determines autorization to a given sourceID is valid

          type HTTPClient

          type HTTPClient interface {
          	Do(r *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

            HTTClient defines the interface for communication over HTTP

            type Metrics

            type Metrics interface {
            	NewGauge(name string) func(value float64)

              Metrics defines the interface for creating metrics

              type Oauth2Client

              type Oauth2Client struct {
              	IsAdmin  bool
              	ClientID string
              	UserID   string

                Oauth2Client defines an OAuth2 client

                type UAAClient

                type UAAClient struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  UAAClient defines an http client for UAA

                  func NewUAAClient

                  func NewUAAClient(
                  	uaaAddr string,
                  	client string,
                  	clientSecret string,
                  	httpClient HTTPClient,
                  	m Metrics,
                  	log *log.Logger,
                  ) *UAAClient

                    NewUAAClient returns a UAA client

                    func (*UAAClient) Read

                    func (c *UAAClient) Read(token string) (Oauth2Client, error)

                      Read retrieves an OAuth2 client from UAA