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Published: Aug 20, 2019 | License: BSD-2-Clause | Module:


Package common provides data structures used throughout the Cryptowatch SDK.



var FundingTypeNames = map[FundingType]string{
	SpotFunding:    "spot",
	MarginFunding:  "margin",
	FuturesFunding: "futures",

FundingTypeNames contains human-readable names for FundingType.

var OrderSideNames = map[OrderSide]string{
	SellOrder: "sell",
	BuyOrder:  "buy",

OrderSideNames contains human-readable names for OrderSide.

var OrderTypeNames = map[OrderType]string{
	MarketOrder:                  "market",
	LimitOrder:                   "limit",
	StopLossOrder:                "stop-loss",
	TakeProfitOrder:              "take-profit",
	TakeProfitLimitOrder:         "take-profit-limit",
	StopLossTakeProfitOrder:      "stop-loss-take-profit",
	StopLossTakeProfitLimitOrder: "stop-loss-take-profit-limit",
	TrailingStopLossOrder:        "trailing-stop-loss",
	TrailingStopLossLimitOrder:   "trailing-stop-loss-limit",
	StopLossAndLimitOrder:        "stop-loss-and-limit",
	FillOrKillOrder:              "fill-or-kill",
	SettlePositionOrder:          "settle-position",

OrderTypeNames contains human-readable names for OrderType.

var PeriodNames = map[Period]string{
	Period1M:  "1m",
	Period3M:  "3m",
	Period5M:  "5m",
	Period15M: "15m",
	Period30M: "30m",
	Period1H:  "1h",
	Period2H:  "2h",
	Period4H:  "4h",
	Period6H:  "6h",
	Period12H: "12h",
	Period1D:  "1d",
	Period3D:  "3d",
	Period1W:  "1w",

PeriodNames contains human-readable names for Period. e.g. Period1M = 60 (seconds) = "1m".

type Balance

type Balance struct {
	Currency string
	Amount   string

Balance is the amount you have for a particular currency on an exchange.

type Balances

type Balances map[FundingType][]Balance

Balances is a representation of your balances on an exchange. It is represented as a map from the FundingType to the associated balances.

type CancelOrderOpt

type CancelOrderOpt struct {
	MarketID MarketID
	OrderID  string

CancelOrderOpt contains the necessary options for canceling an existing order with the trade client. See TradeClient.CancelOrder.

type FundingType

type FundingType int32

FundingType represents the funding type for an order; e.g. "spot" or "margin". The funding types available depend on the exchange, as well as your account's permissions on the exchange.

const (
	SpotFunding FundingType = iota

The following constants define every possible funding type.

type Interval

type Interval struct {
	Period Period

	// CloseTime is the time at which the Interval ended.
	CloseTime time.Time

	// VolumeBase is the amount of volume traded over this Interval, represented
	// in the base currency.
	VolumeBase string

	// VolumeQuote is the amount of volume traded over this Interval, represented
	// in the quote currency.
	VolumeQuote string

An interval represetns OHLC data for a particular Period and CloseTime.

type IntervalsUpdate

type IntervalsUpdate struct {
	Intervals []Interval

IntervalsUpdate represents an update for OHLC data, at all relevant periods. Intervals is represented as a slice because more than one interval update can occur at the same time for different periods. For example, Period1M and Period3M will overlap every 3 minutes, so that IntervalsUpdate will contain both intervals.

type Market

type Market struct {
	ID             MarketID
	ExchangeID     string
	CurrencyPairID string

Market represents a market on Cryptowatch. A market consists of an exchange and currency pair. For example, Kraken BTC/USD. IDs are used instead of names to avoid inconsistencies associated with name changes.

IDs for exchanges, currency pairs, and markets can be found through the following API URLs respectively:

type MarketID

type MarketID string

func (MarketID) Int64

func (id MarketID) Int64() (int64, error)

type MarketUpdate

type MarketUpdate struct {
	OrderBookSnapshot     *OrderBookSnapshot     `json:"OrderBookSnapshot,omitempty"`
	OrderBookDelta        *OrderBookDelta        `json:"OrderBookDelta,omitempty"`
	OrderBookSpreadUpdate *OrderBookSpreadUpdate `json:"OrderBookSpreadUpdate,omitempty"`
	TradesUpdate          *TradesUpdate          `json:"TradesUpdate,omitempty"`
	IntervalsUpdate       *IntervalsUpdate       `json:"IntervalsUpdate,omitempty"`
	SummaryUpdate         *SummaryUpdate         `json:"SummaryUpdate,omitempty"`
	SparklineUpdate       *SparklineUpdate       `json:"SparklineUpdate,omitempty"`

MarketUpdate is a container for all market data callbacks. For any MarketUpdate intance, it will only ever have one of its properties non-null. See OnMarketUpdate.

func (MarketUpdate) String

func (v MarketUpdate) String() string

type OHLC

type OHLC struct {
	Open  string
	High  string
	Low   string
	Close string

OHLC contains the open, low, high, and close prices for a given Interval.

type OrderBookDelta

type OrderBookDelta struct {
	// SeqNum is used to make sure deltas are processed in order.
	// See the SeqNum definition for more information.
	SeqNum SeqNum

	Bids OrderDeltas
	Asks OrderDeltas

OrderBookDelta represents an order book delta update, which is the minimum amount of data necessary to keep a local order book up to date. Since order book snapshots are throttled at 1 per minute, subscribing to the delta updates is the best way to keep an order book up to date.

func (OrderBookDelta) Empty

func (delta OrderBookDelta) Empty() bool

Empty returns whether OrderBookDelta doesn't contain any deltas for bids and asks.

type OrderBookSnapshot

type OrderBookSnapshot struct {
	// SeqNum	is the sequence number of the last order book delta received.
	// Since snapshots are broadcast on a 1-minute interval regardless of updates,
	// it's possible this value doesn't change.
	// See the SeqNum definition for more information.
	SeqNum SeqNum

	Bids []PublicOrder
	Asks []PublicOrder

OrderBookSnapshot represents a full order book snapshot.

func (*OrderBookSnapshot) Empty

func (s *OrderBookSnapshot) Empty() bool

func (*OrderBookSnapshot) GetDeltasAgainst

func (s *OrderBookSnapshot) GetDeltasAgainst(oldSnapshot OrderBookSnapshot) OrderBookDelta

GetDeltasAgainst creates deltas which would have to be applied to oldSnapshot to get s.

func (*OrderBookSnapshot) IsValid

func (s *OrderBookSnapshot) IsValid() bool

type OrderBookSpreadUpdate

type OrderBookSpreadUpdate struct {
	Timestamp time.Time
	Bid       PublicOrder
	Ask       PublicOrder

OrderBookSpreadUpdate represents the most recent order book spread. It consists of the best current bid and as price.

type OrderDeltas

type OrderDeltas struct {
	// Set is a list of orders used to add or replace orders on an order book.
	// Each order in Set is guaranteed to be a different price. For each of them,
	// if the order at that price exists on the book, replace it. If an order
	// at that price does not exist, add it to the book.
	Set []PublicOrder

	// Remove is a list of prices. To apply to an order book, remove all orders
	// of that price from that book.
	Remove []string

OrderDeltas are used to update an order book, either by setting (adding) new PublicOrders, or removing orders at specific prices.

func GetDeltasAgainst

func GetDeltasAgainst(oldOrders, newOrders []PublicOrder) OrderDeltas

GetDeltasAgainst creates deltas which would have to be applied to oldOrders to get newOrders.

func (OrderDeltas) Empty

func (d OrderDeltas) Empty() bool

Empty returns whether the OrderDeltas doesn't contain any deltas.

type OrderSide

type OrderSide int32

OrderSide represents the order side; e.g. "buy" or "sell".

const (
	SellOrder OrderSide = iota

type OrderType

type OrderType int32

OrderType represents the type of order; e.g. "market" or "limit". There are 13 different types of orders. Those available depend on the exchange. Refer to the exchange's documentation for what order types are available.

const (
	MarketOrder OrderType = iota

The following constants define all possible order types.

type Pair

type Pair struct {
	ID PairID

Pair represents the currency pair as defined by the Cryptowatch API:

type PairID

type PairID string

type PairUpdate

type PairUpdate struct {
	VWAPUpdate        *VWAPUpdate        `json:"VWAPUpdate,omitempty"`
	PerformanceUpdate *PerformanceUpdate `json:"PerformanceUpdate,omitempty"`
	TrendlineUpdate   *TrendlineUpdate   `json:"TrendlineUpdate,omitempty"`

PairUpdate is a container for all pair data callbacks. For any PairUpdate instance, it will only ever have one of its properties non-null. See OnPairUpdate.

func (PairUpdate) String

func (v PairUpdate) String() string

type PerformanceUpdate

type PerformanceUpdate struct {
	Window      PerformanceWindow
	Performance string

PerformanceUpdate represents the most recent performance update for a market over a particular window. TODO explain calculation

type PerformanceWindow

type PerformanceWindow string

PerformanceWindow represents the time window over which performance is calculated.

const (
	PerfWindow24h PerformanceWindow = "24h"
	PerfWindow1w  PerformanceWindow = "1w"
	PerfWindow1m  PerformanceWindow = "1m"
	PerfWindow3m  PerformanceWindow = "3m"
	PerfWindow6m  PerformanceWindow = "6m"
	PerfWindowYTD PerformanceWindow = "ytd"
	PerfWindow1y  PerformanceWindow = "1y"
	PerfWindow2y  PerformanceWindow = "2y"
	PerfWindow3y  PerformanceWindow = "3y"
	PerfWindow4y  PerformanceWindow = "4y"
	PerfWindow5y  PerformanceWindow = "5y"

The following constants represent every possible PerformanceWindow.

type Period

type Period int32

Period is the number of seconds in an Interval.

const (
	Period1M  Period = 60
	Period3M  Period = 180
	Period5M  Period = 300
	Period15M Period = 900
	Period30M Period = 1800
	Period1H  Period = 3600
	Period2H  Period = 7200
	Period4H  Period = 14400
	Period6H  Period = 21600
	Period12H Period = 43200
	Period1D  Period = 86400
	Period3D  Period = 259200
	Period1W  Period = 604800

The following constants are all available Period values for IntervalsUpdate.

type PlaceOrderOpt

type PlaceOrderOpt struct {
	MarketID    MarketID
	PriceParams PriceParams
	Amount      string
	OrderSide   OrderSide
	OrderType   OrderType
	FundingType FundingType
	Leverage    string
	ExpireTime  time.Time

PlaceOrderOpt contains the necessary options for creating a new order with the trade client. See TradeClient.PlaceOrder.

type PriceParam

type PriceParam struct {
	Value string
	Type  PriceParamType

PriceParam is used as input for an Order.

type PriceParamType

type PriceParamType int32

PriceParamType represents the type of price parameter used in PriceParams.

const (
	AbsoluteValuePrice PriceParamType = iota

The following constants define every possible PriceParamType

type PriceParams

type PriceParams []*PriceParam

PriceParams is a list of price parameters that define the input to an order. Usually you will just need one PriceParam input, but some order types take multiple PriceParam inputs, such as TrailingStopLossOrder. TODO document different PriceParam uses

type PrivateOrder

type PrivateOrder struct {
	PriceParams PriceParams
	Amount      string
	OrderSide   OrderSide
	OrderType   OrderType
	FundingType FundingType
	ExpireTime  time.Time

	// Set by server and updated internally by client.
	// ID previously was ExternalID.
	ID           string
	Timestamp    time.Time
	Leverage     string
	CurrentStop  string
	InitialStop  string
	AmountFilled string

	// Broker error code; 0 if successful
	Error int32

PrivateOrder represents an order you have placed on an exchange, either through the TradeClient, or on the exchange itself.

func (PrivateOrder) CacheKey

func (o PrivateOrder) CacheKey(mID MarketID) string

CacheKey returns the key composed by joining the market ID with the ID.

func (PrivateOrder) String

func (o PrivateOrder) String() string

String implmements the fmt.Stringer interface for PrivateOrder.

type PrivatePosition

type PrivatePosition struct {
	ExternalID   string
	Timestamp    time.Time
	OrderSide    OrderSide
	AvgPrice     string
	AmountOpen   string
	AmountClosed string
	OrderIDs     []string
	TradeIDs     []string

PrivatePosition represents one of your positions on an exchange.

type PrivateTrade

type PrivateTrade struct {
	ExternalID string
	OrderID    string
	Timestamp  time.Time
	Price      string
	Amount     string
	OrderSide  OrderSide

PrivateTrade represents a trade made on your account.

type PublicOrder

type PublicOrder struct {
	Price  string
	Amount string

PublicOrder represents a public order placed on an exchange. They often come as a slice of PublicOrder, which come with order book updates.

type PublicOrdersByPrice

type PublicOrdersByPrice []PublicOrder

PublicOrdersByPrice is the type needed for sorting public orders by price.

func (PublicOrdersByPrice) Len

func (pos PublicOrdersByPrice) Len() int

func (PublicOrdersByPrice) Less

func (pos PublicOrdersByPrice) Less(i, j int) bool

func (PublicOrdersByPrice) Swap

func (pos PublicOrdersByPrice) Swap(i, j int)

type PublicTrade

type PublicTrade struct {
	// ExternalID is given by the exchange, and not Cryptowatch. NOTE some of
	// these may be "0" since we still use int64 on the back end to represent
	// these IDs, and some are strings.
	ExternalID string
	Timestamp  time.Time
	Price      string
	Amount     string

PublicTrade represents a trade made on an exchange. See TradesUpdate and OnTradesUpdate.

type SeqNum

type SeqNum uint32

SeqNum is used to make sure order book deltas are processed in order. Each order book delta update has the sequence number incremented by 1. Sometimes sequence numbers reset to a smaller value (this happens when we deploy or restart our back end for whatever reason). In those cases, the first broadcasted update is a snapshot, so clients should not assume they are out of sync when they receive a snapshot with a lower seq number.

type SparklineUpdate

type SparklineUpdate struct {
	Timestamp time.Time
	Price     string

SparklineUpdate represents the sparkline update for a market at a particular time. A sparkline is a very small line chart, typically drawn without axes or coordinates. It presents the general shape of the variation in price.

type SummaryUpdate

type SummaryUpdate struct {
	Last           string
	High           string
	Low            string
	VolumeBase     string
	VolumeQuote    string
	ChangeAbsolute string
	ChangePercent  string
	NumTrades      int32

SummaryUpdate represents recent summary information for a particular market.

type TradesUpdate

type TradesUpdate struct {
	Trades []PublicTrade

TradesUpdate represents the most recent trades that have occurred for a particular market.

type TrendlineUpdate

type TrendlineUpdate struct {
	Window    PerformanceWindow
	Timestamp time.Time
	Price     string
	Volume    string

TrendlineUpdate represents the trendline update for a market for a particular window. TODO explain calculation

type VWAPUpdate

type VWAPUpdate struct {
	VWAP      string
	Timestamp time.Time

VWAPUpdate represents the most recent volume weighted average price update for a market at a given time. TODO explain calculation

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