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const (
	Minute = 60
	Hour   = 60 * Minute
	Day    = 24 * Hour
	Week   = 7 * Day
	Month  = 30 * Day
	Year   = 12 * Month

    Seconds-based time units


    This section is empty.


    func GetLangTimeFormat

    func GetLangTimeFormat(lang string) string

      GetLangTimeFormat represents the default time format for the language

      func GetTimeFormat

      func GetTimeFormat(lang string) string

        GetTimeFormat represents the

        func MinutesToFriendly

        func MinutesToFriendly(minutes int, lang string) string

          MinutesToFriendly returns a user friendly string with number of minutes converted to hours and minutes.

          func RawTimeSince

          func RawTimeSince(t time.Time, lang string) string

            RawTimeSince retrieves i18n key of time since t

            func TimeSince

            func TimeSince(then time.Time, lang string) template.HTML

              TimeSince calculates the time interval and generate user-friendly string.

              func TimeSincePro

              func TimeSincePro(then time.Time, lang string) string

                TimeSincePro calculates the time interval and generate full user-friendly string.

                func TimeSinceUnix

                func TimeSinceUnix(then TimeStamp, lang string) template.HTML

                  TimeSinceUnix calculates the time interval and generate user-friendly string.


                  type TimeStamp

                  type TimeStamp int64

                    TimeStamp defines a timestamp

                    func TimeStampNow

                    func TimeStampNow() TimeStamp

                      TimeStampNow returns now int64

                      func (TimeStamp) Add

                      func (ts TimeStamp) Add(seconds int64) TimeStamp

                        Add adds seconds and return sum

                        func (TimeStamp) AddDuration

                        func (ts TimeStamp) AddDuration(interval time.Duration) TimeStamp

                          AddDuration adds time.Duration and return sum

                          func (TimeStamp) AsTime

                          func (ts TimeStamp) AsTime() (tm time.Time)

                            AsTime convert timestamp as time.Time in Local locale

                            func (TimeStamp) AsTimeInLocation

                            func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimeInLocation(loc *time.Location) (tm time.Time)

                              AsTimeInLocation convert timestamp as time.Time in Local locale

                              func (TimeStamp) AsTimePtr

                              func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimePtr() *time.Time

                                AsTimePtr convert timestamp as *time.Time in Local locale

                                func (TimeStamp) AsTimePtrInLocation

                                func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimePtrInLocation(loc *time.Location) *time.Time

                                  AsTimePtrInLocation convert timestamp as *time.Time in customize location

                                  func (TimeStamp) Format

                                  func (ts TimeStamp) Format(f string) string

                                    Format formats timestamp as given format

                                    func (TimeStamp) FormatDate

                                    func (ts TimeStamp) FormatDate() string

                                      FormatDate formats a date in YYYY-MM-DD server time zone

                                      func (TimeStamp) FormatInLocation

                                      func (ts TimeStamp) FormatInLocation(f string, loc *time.Location) string

                                        FormatInLocation formats timestamp as given format with spiecific location

                                        func (TimeStamp) FormatLong

                                        func (ts TimeStamp) FormatLong() string

                                          FormatLong formats as RFC1123Z

                                          func (TimeStamp) FormatShort

                                          func (ts TimeStamp) FormatShort() string

                                            FormatShort formats as short

                                            func (TimeStamp) IsZero

                                            func (ts TimeStamp) IsZero() bool

                                              IsZero is zero time

                                              func (TimeStamp) Year

                                              func (ts TimeStamp) Year() int

                                                Year returns the time's year