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func CreateLogin

func CreateLogin(name, token, user, passwd, sshKey, giteaURL string, insecure bool) error

    CreateLogin create a login to be stored in config

    func CreatePull

    func CreatePull(login *config.Login, repoOwner, repoName, base, head, title, description string) error

      CreatePull creates a PR in the given repo and prints the result

      func GenerateLoginName

      func GenerateLoginName(url, user string) (string, error)

        GenerateLoginName generates a name string based on instance URL & adds username if the result is not unique

        func GetDefaultPRBase

        func GetDefaultPRBase(login *config.Login, owner, repo string) (string, error)

          GetDefaultPRBase retrieves the default base branch for the given repo

          func GetDefaultPRHead

          func GetDefaultPRHead(localRepo *local_git.TeaRepo) (owner, branch string, err error)

            GetDefaultPRHead uses the currently checked out branch, checks if a remote currently holds the commit it points to, extracts the owner from its URL, and assembles the result to a valid head spec for gitea.

            func GetDefaultPRTitle

            func GetDefaultPRTitle(head string) string

              GetDefaultPRTitle transforms a string like a branchname to a readable text

              func GetHeadSpec

              func GetHeadSpec(owner, branch, baseOwner string) string

                GetHeadSpec creates a head string as expected by gitea API

                func LabelsExport

                func LabelsExport(labels []*gitea.Label, path string) error

                  LabelsExport save list of labels to disc

                  func PullCheckout

                  func PullCheckout(login *config.Login, repoOwner, repoName string, index int64, callback func(string) (string, error)) error

                    PullCheckout checkout current workdir to the head branch of specified pull request

                    func PullClean

                    func PullClean(login *config.Login, repoOwner, repoName string, index int64, ignoreSHA bool, callback func(string) (string, error)) error

                      PullClean deletes local & remote feature-branches for a closed pull


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