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var BuiltinTemplates = map[string]badgetemplate.BadgeTemplate{
	"builtin-standard-badge": &standard_badge.Template,
	"builtin-example-circle": &example_circle.Template,

BuiltinTemplates is an index of all templates built into ./badges. They are ready to use with Renderer's CompileTemplate method.

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var ErrFontNotFound = errors.New("the requested font was not found")
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var ErrInvalidParams = errors.New("invalid parameters were provided to renderer")
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var ErrTemplateExecutionFailed = errors.New("template execution failed")


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type CompiledTemplate

type CompiledTemplate struct {
	Template  *template.Template
	ParamSpec paramspec.Tree

CompiledTemplate contains a compiled badge template and corresponding parameter specification

type Renderer

type Renderer struct {
	// The loaded fonts
	Fonts map[string]*sfnt.Font

The Renderer holds the configuration necessary to render badges

func (*Renderer) BuildTemplateFuncMap

func (r *Renderer) BuildTemplateFuncMap() template.FuncMap

BuildTemplateFuncMap builds the functions that are to be injected into templates when they're being compiled.

func (*Renderer) CompileDefaultTemplate

func (r *Renderer) CompileDefaultTemplate() *CompiledTemplate

CompileDefaultTemplate is a convenience function that compiles the built-in standard badge template against this renderer.

func (*Renderer) CompileTemplate

func (r *Renderer) CompileTemplate(input badgetemplate.BadgeTemplate) (*CompiledTemplate, error)

CompileTemplate compiles a badge template for later use with this Renderer's Render method.

func (*Renderer) Render

func (r *Renderer) Render(template *CompiledTemplate, parameters map[string]interface{}) (string, error)

Render renders a badge template using the Renderer's current configuration and the given parameters The parameters will be converted and validated against the compiled template's parameter specification prior to rendering. Note that the result's leading and trailing spaces will be trimmed.

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