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type KeyBag

type KeyBag struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KeyBag is a PrivateKey collection for signing and verifying purposes.

func NewKeyBag

func NewKeyBag() *KeyBag

func (*KeyBag) Add

func (b *KeyBag) Add(wifKey string) error

func (*KeyBag) ImportFromFile

func (b *KeyBag) ImportFromFile(path string) error

func (KeyBag) Marshal

func (p KeyBag) Marshal(enc *util.TypeEncoder) error

func (*KeyBag) Merge added in v0.8.6

func (b *KeyBag) Merge(a *KeyBag) error

Merge ...

func (KeyBag) Privates

func (b KeyBag) Privates() (out types.PrivateKeys)

func (KeyBag) PrivatesByPublics

func (b KeyBag) PrivatesByPublics(pubKeys types.PublicKeys) (out types.PrivateKeys)

func (KeyBag) PublicPresent

func (b KeyBag) PublicPresent(pub *types.PublicKey) bool

func (KeyBag) Publics

func (b KeyBag) Publics() (out types.PublicKeys)

func (*KeyBag) Remove

func (b *KeyBag) Remove(pub string) bool

func (*KeyBag) Unmarshal

func (p *KeyBag) Unmarshal(dec *util.TypeDecoder) error

type TransactionSigner

type TransactionSigner struct {

TransactionSigner can sign and verify a transaction.

func NewTransactionSigner

func NewTransactionSigner(tx *types.SignedTransaction) *TransactionSigner

NewTransactionSigner creates an New TransactionSigner. Invalid expiration time will be adjusted.

func (*TransactionSigner) Sign

func (tx *TransactionSigner) Sign(privKeys types.PrivateKeys, chain *config.ChainConfig) error

Sign signs the underlying transaction

func (*TransactionSigner) Verify

func (tx *TransactionSigner) Verify(keyBag *KeyBag, chain *config.ChainConfig) (bool, error)

Verify verifies the underlying transaction against a given KeyBag

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