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type MessageStore

type MessageStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MessageStore is a file-backed implementation of MessageStoreInterface

func (*MessageStore) AddMessage

func (ms *MessageStore) AddMessage(gm groups.EncryptedGroupMessage)

AddMessage adds a GroupMessage to the store

func (*MessageStore) Close

func (ms *MessageStore) Close()

Close closes the message store and underlying resources.

func (*MessageStore) FetchMessages

func (ms *MessageStore) FetchMessages() (messages []*groups.EncryptedGroupMessage)

FetchMessages returns all messages from the backing file.

func (*MessageStore) Init

func (ms *MessageStore) Init(appDirectory string, maxBufferLines int, messageCounter metrics.Counter) error

Init sets up a MessageStore of size maxBufferLines (# of messages) backed by filename

type MessageStoreInterface

type MessageStoreInterface interface {
	FetchMessages() []*groups.EncryptedGroupMessage

MessageStoreInterface defines an interface to interact with a store of cwtch messages.

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