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const (

	// BipID is the BIP-0044 asset ID.
	BipID = 0


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var (

	// WalletInfo defines some general information about a Bitcoin wallet.
	WalletInfo = &asset.WalletInfo{
		Name:              "Bitcoin",
		Units:             "Satoshis",
		DefaultConfigPath: dexbtc.SystemConfigPath("bitcoin"),
		ConfigOpts:        configOpts,


func NewWallet

func NewWallet(cfg *asset.WalletConfig, logger dex.Logger, network dex.Network) (asset.Wallet, error)

    NewWallet is the exported constructor by which the DEX will import the exchange wallet. The wallet will shut down when the provided context is canceled. The configPath can be an empty string, in which case the standard system location of the bitcoind config file is assumed.


    type BTCCloneCFG

    type BTCCloneCFG struct {
    	WalletCFG          *asset.WalletConfig
    	MinNetworkVersion  uint64
    	WalletInfo         *asset.WalletInfo
    	Symbol             string
    	Logger             dex.Logger
    	Network            dex.Network
    	ChainParams        *chaincfg.Params
    	Ports              dexbtc.NetPorts
    	DefaultFallbackFee uint64 // sats/byte
    	// LegacyBalance is for clones that don't yet support the 'getbalances' RPC
    	// call.
    	LegacyBalance bool
    	// If segwit is false, legacy addresses and contracts will be used. This
    	// setting must match the configuration of the server's asset backend.
    	Segwit bool

      BTCCloneCFG holds clone specific parameters.

      type Driver

      type Driver struct{}

        Driver implements asset.Driver.

        func (*Driver) DecodeCoinID

        func (d *Driver) DecodeCoinID(coinID []byte) (string, error)

          DecodeCoinID creates a human-readable representation of a coin ID for Bitcoin.

          func (*Driver) Info

          func (d *Driver) Info() *asset.WalletInfo

            Info returns basic information about the wallet and asset.

            func (*Driver) Setup

            func (d *Driver) Setup(cfg *asset.WalletConfig, logger dex.Logger, network dex.Network) (asset.Wallet, error)

              Setup creates the BTC exchange wallet. Start the wallet with its Run method.

              type ExchangeWallet

              type ExchangeWallet struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                ExchangeWallet is a wallet backend for Bitcoin. The backend is how the DEX client app communicates with the BTC blockchain and wallet. ExchangeWallet satisfies the dex.Wallet interface.

                func BTCCloneWallet

                func BTCCloneWallet(cfg *BTCCloneCFG) (*ExchangeWallet, error)

                  BTCCloneWallet creates a wallet backend for a set of network parameters and default network ports. A BTC clone can use this method, possibly in conjunction with ReadCloneParams, to create a ExchangeWallet for other assets with minimal coding.

                  func (*ExchangeWallet) Address

                  func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Address() (string, error)

                    Address returns a new external address from the wallet.

                    func (*ExchangeWallet) AuditContract

                    func (btc *ExchangeWallet) AuditContract(coinID dex.Bytes, contract dex.Bytes) (asset.AuditInfo, error)

                      AuditContract retrieves information about a swap contract on the blockchain. AuditContract would be used to audit the counter-party's contract during a swap.

                      func (*ExchangeWallet) Balance

                      func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Balance() (*asset.Balance, error)

                        Balance returns the total available funds in the wallet. Part of the asset.Wallet interface.

                        func (*ExchangeWallet) Confirmations

                        func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Confirmations(id dex.Bytes) (confs uint32, spent bool, err error)

                          Confirmations gets the number of confirmations for the specified coin ID by first checking for a unspent output, and if not found, searching indexed wallet transactions.

                          func (*ExchangeWallet) Connect

                          func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Connect(ctx context.Context) (*sync.WaitGroup, error)

                            Connect connects the wallet to the RPC server. Satisfies the dex.Connector interface.

                            func (*ExchangeWallet) FindRedemption

                            func (btc *ExchangeWallet) FindRedemption(ctx context.Context, coinID dex.Bytes) (redemptionCoin, secret dex.Bytes, err error)

                              FindRedemption watches for the input that spends the specified contract coin, and returns the spending input and the contract's secret key when it finds a spender. If the coin is unmined, an initial search goroutine is started to scan all mempool tx inputs in an attempt to find the input that spends the contract coin. If the contract is mined, the initial search goroutine scans every input of every block starting at the block in which the contract was mined up till the current best block, including mempool txs if redemption info is not found in the searched block txs. More search goroutines are started for every detected tip change, to handle cases where the contract is redeemed in a transaction mined after the current best block. When any of the search goroutines finds an input that spends this contract, the input and the contract's secret key are communicated to this method via a redemption result channel created specifically for this contract. This method waits on that channel before returning a response to the caller.

                              func (*ExchangeWallet) FundOrder

                              func (btc *ExchangeWallet) FundOrder(ord *asset.Order) (asset.Coins, []dex.Bytes, error)

                                FundOrder selects coins for use in an order. The coins will be locked, and will not be returned in subsequent calls to FundOrder or calculated in calls to Available, unless they are unlocked with ReturnCoins. The returned []dex.Bytes contains the redeem scripts for the selected coins. Equal number of coins and redeemed scripts must be returned. A nil or empty dex.Bytes should be appended to the redeem scripts collection for coins with no redeem script.

                                func (*ExchangeWallet) FundingCoins

                                func (btc *ExchangeWallet) FundingCoins(ids []dex.Bytes) (asset.Coins, error)

                                  FundingCoins gets funding coins for the coin IDs. The coins are locked. This method might be called to reinitialize an order from data stored externally. This method will only return funding coins, e.g. unspent transaction outputs.

                                  func (*ExchangeWallet) Info

                                  func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Info() *asset.WalletInfo

                                    Info returns basic information about the wallet and asset.

                                    func (*ExchangeWallet) Lock

                                    func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Lock() error

                                      Lock locks the ExchangeWallet and the underlying bitcoind wallet.

                                      func (*ExchangeWallet) Locked

                                      func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Locked() bool

                                        Locked will be true if the wallet is currently locked.

                                        func (*ExchangeWallet) LocktimeExpired

                                        func (btc *ExchangeWallet) LocktimeExpired(contract dex.Bytes) (bool, time.Time, error)

                                          LocktimeExpired returns true if the specified contract's locktime has expired, making it possible to issue a Refund.

                                          func (*ExchangeWallet) OwnsAddress

                                          func (btc *ExchangeWallet) OwnsAddress(address string) (bool, error)

                                            OwnsAddress indicates if an address belongs to the wallet.

                                            func (*ExchangeWallet) PayFee

                                            func (btc *ExchangeWallet) PayFee(address string, regFee uint64) (asset.Coin, error)

                                              PayFee sends the dex registration fee. Transaction fees are in addition to the registration fee, and the fee rate is taken from the DEX configuration.

                                              func (*ExchangeWallet) Redeem

                                              func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Redeem(redemptions []*asset.Redemption) ([]dex.Bytes, asset.Coin, uint64, error)

                                                Redeem sends the redemption transaction, completing the atomic swap.

                                                func (*ExchangeWallet) Refund

                                                func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Refund(coinID, contract dex.Bytes) (dex.Bytes, error)

                                                  Refund revokes a contract. This can only be used after the time lock has expired. NOTE: The contract cannot be retrieved from the unspent coin info as the wallet does not store it, even though it was known when the init transaction was created. The client should store this information for persistence across sessions.

                                                  func (*ExchangeWallet) ReturnCoins

                                                  func (btc *ExchangeWallet) ReturnCoins(unspents asset.Coins) error

                                                    ReturnCoins unlocks coins. This would be used in the case of a canceled or partially filled order. Part of the asset.Wallet interface.

                                                    func (*ExchangeWallet) SignMessage

                                                    func (btc *ExchangeWallet) SignMessage(coin asset.Coin, msg dex.Bytes) (pubkeys, sigs []dex.Bytes, err error)

                                                      SignMessage signs the message with the private key associated with the specified unspent coin. A slice of pubkeys required to spend the coin and a signature for each pubkey are returned.

                                                      func (*ExchangeWallet) Swap

                                                      func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Swap(swaps *asset.Swaps) ([]asset.Receipt, asset.Coin, uint64, error)

                                                        Swap sends the swaps in a single transaction and prepares the receipts. The Receipts returned can be used to refund a failed transaction. The Input coins are NOT manually unlocked because they're auto-unlocked when the transaction is broadcasted.

                                                        func (*ExchangeWallet) SyncStatus

                                                        func (btc *ExchangeWallet) SyncStatus() (bool, float32, error)

                                                          SyncStatus is information about the blockchain sync status.

                                                          func (*ExchangeWallet) Unlock

                                                          func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Unlock(pw string) error

                                                            Unlock unlocks the ExchangeWallet. The pw supplied should be the same as the password for the underlying bitcoind wallet which will also be unlocked.

                                                            func (*ExchangeWallet) ValidateSecret

                                                            func (btc *ExchangeWallet) ValidateSecret(secret, secretHash []byte) bool

                                                              ValidateSecret checks that the secret satisfies the contract.

                                                              func (*ExchangeWallet) Withdraw

                                                              func (btc *ExchangeWallet) Withdraw(address string, value uint64) (asset.Coin, error)

                                                                Withdraw withdraws funds to the specified address. Fees are subtracted from the value. feeRate is in units of atoms/byte.

                                                                type GetAddressInfoResult

                                                                type GetAddressInfoResult struct {
                                                                	IsMine bool `json:"ismine"`

                                                                  GetAddressInfoResult models the data from the getaddressinfo command.

                                                                  type GetBalancesResult

                                                                  type GetBalancesResult struct {
                                                                  	Mine struct {
                                                                  		Trusted   float64  `json:"trusted"`
                                                                  		Untrusted float64  `json:"untrusted_pending"`
                                                                  		Immature  float64  `json:"immature"`
                                                                  		Used      *float64 `json:"used,omitempty"`
                                                                  	} `json:"mine"`
                                                                  	WatchOnly struct {
                                                                  		Trusted   float64 `json:"trusted"`
                                                                  		Untrusted float64 `json:"untrusted_pending"`
                                                                  		Immature  float64 `json:"immature"`
                                                                  	} `json:"watchonly"`

                                                                    GetBalancesResult models a successful response from the getbalances request.

                                                                    type GetTransactionResult

                                                                    type GetTransactionResult struct {
                                                                    	Amount         float64            `json:"amount"`
                                                                    	Fee            float64            `json:"fee"`
                                                                    	Confirmations  uint64             `json:"confirmations"`
                                                                    	BlockHash      string             `json:"blockhash"`
                                                                    	BlockIndex     int64              `json:"blockindex"`
                                                                    	BlockTime      uint64             `json:"blocktime"`
                                                                    	TxID           string             `json:"txid"`
                                                                    	Time           uint64             `json:"time"`
                                                                    	TimeReceived   uint64             `json:"timereceived"`
                                                                    	BipReplaceable string             `json:"bip125-replaceable"`
                                                                    	Hex            dex.Bytes          `json:"hex"`
                                                                    	Details        []*WalletTxDetails `json:"details"`

                                                                      GetTransactionResult models the data from the gettransaction command.

                                                                      type GetWalletInfoResult

                                                                      type GetWalletInfoResult struct {
                                                                      	WalletName            string  `json:"walletname"`
                                                                      	WalletVersion         uint32  `json:"walletversion"`
                                                                      	Balance               float64 `json:"balance"`
                                                                      	UnconfirmedBalance    float64 `json:"unconfirmed_balance"`
                                                                      	ImmatureBalance       float64 `json:"immature_balance"`
                                                                      	TxCount               uint32  `json:"txcount"`
                                                                      	KeyPoolOldest         uint64  `json:"keypoololdest"`
                                                                      	KeyPoolSize           uint32  `json:"keypoolsize"`
                                                                      	KeyPoolSizeHDInternal uint32  `json:"keypoolsize_hd_internal"`
                                                                      	PayTxFee              float64 `json:"paytxfee"`
                                                                      	HdSeedID              string  `json:"hdseedid"`
                                                                      	// UnlockedUntil is a pointer because for encrypted locked wallets, it will
                                                                      	// be zero, but for unencrypted wallets the field won't be present in the
                                                                      	// response.
                                                                      	UnlockedUntil *int64 `json:"unlocked_until"`
                                                                      	// HDMasterKeyID is dropped in Bitcoin Core 0.18
                                                                      	HdMasterKeyID     string `json:"hdmasterkeyid"`
                                                                      	PriveyKeysEnabled bool   `json:"private_keys_enabled"`
                                                                      	// AvoidReuse and Scanning were added in Bitcoin Core 0.19
                                                                      	AvoidReuse bool `json:"avoid_reuse"`

                                                                        GetWalletInfoResult models the data from the getwalletinfo command.

                                                                        type ListUnspentResult

                                                                        type ListUnspentResult struct {
                                                                        	TxID          string    `json:"txid"`
                                                                        	Vout          uint32    `json:"vout"`
                                                                        	Address       string    `json:"address"`
                                                                        	Label         string    `json:"label"`
                                                                        	ScriptPubKey  dex.Bytes `json:"scriptPubKey"`
                                                                        	Amount        float64   `json:"amount"`
                                                                        	Confirmations uint32    `json:"confirmations"`
                                                                        	RedeemScript  dex.Bytes `json:"redeemScript"`
                                                                        	Spendable     bool      `json:"spendable"`
                                                                        	Solvable      bool      `json:"solvable"`
                                                                        	Safe          bool      `json:"safe"`

                                                                          ListUnspentResult models a successful response from the listunspent request.

                                                                          type RPCOutpoint

                                                                          type RPCOutpoint struct {
                                                                          	TxID string `json:"txid"`
                                                                          	Vout uint32 `json:"vout"`

                                                                            RPCOutpoint is used to specify outputs to lock in calls to lockunspent.

                                                                            type SignTxError

                                                                            type SignTxError struct {
                                                                            	TxID      string    `json:"txid"`
                                                                            	Vout      uint32    `json:"vout"`
                                                                            	ScriptSig dex.Bytes `json:"scriptSig"`
                                                                            	Sequence  uint64    `json:"sequence"`
                                                                            	Error     string    `json:"error"`

                                                                              SignTxError models the data that contains script verification errors from the signrawtransaction request

                                                                              type SignTxResult

                                                                              type SignTxResult struct {
                                                                              	Hex      dex.Bytes      `json:"hex"`
                                                                              	Complete bool           `json:"complete"`
                                                                              	Errors   []*SignTxError `json:"errors"`

                                                                                SignTxResult models the data from the signrawtransaction command.

                                                                                type WalletTxCategory

                                                                                type WalletTxCategory string

                                                                                  WalletTxCategory is the tx output category set in WalletTxDetails.

                                                                                  const (
                                                                                  	TxCatSend     WalletTxCategory = "send"
                                                                                  	TxCatReceive  WalletTxCategory = "receive"
                                                                                  	TxCatGenerate WalletTxCategory = "generate"
                                                                                  	TxCatImmature WalletTxCategory = "immature"
                                                                                  	TxCatOrphan   WalletTxCategory = "orphan"

                                                                                  type WalletTxDetails

                                                                                  type WalletTxDetails struct {
                                                                                  	Address   string           `json:"address"`
                                                                                  	Category  WalletTxCategory `json:"category"`
                                                                                  	Amount    float64          `json:"amount"`
                                                                                  	Label     string           `json:"label"`
                                                                                  	Vout      uint32           `json:"vout"`
                                                                                  	Fee       float64          `json:"fee"`
                                                                                  	Abandoned bool             `json:"abandoned"`

                                                                                    WalletTxDetails models the details data from the gettransaction command.


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