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const (
	BipID = 2


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var (

	// WalletInfo defines some general information about a Litecoin wallet.
	WalletInfo = &asset.WalletInfo{
		Name:              "Litecoin",
		Units:             "Litoshi",
		DefaultConfigPath: dexbtc.SystemConfigPath("litecoin"),
		ConfigOpts:        configOpts,


func NewWallet

func NewWallet(cfg *asset.WalletConfig, logger dex.Logger, network dex.Network) (asset.Wallet, error)

    NewWallet is the exported constructor by which the DEX will import the exchange wallet. The wallet will shut down when the provided context is canceled. The configPath can be an empty string, in which case the standard system location of the litecoind config file is assumed.


    type Driver

    type Driver struct{}

      Driver implements asset.Driver.

      func (*Driver) DecodeCoinID

      func (d *Driver) DecodeCoinID(coinID []byte) (string, error)

        DecodeCoinID creates a human-readable representation of a coin ID for Litecoin.

        func (*Driver) Info

        func (d *Driver) Info() *asset.WalletInfo

          Info returns basic information about the wallet and asset.

          func (*Driver) Setup

          func (d *Driver) Setup(cfg *asset.WalletConfig, logger dex.Logger, network dex.Network) (asset.Wallet, error)

            Setup creates the LTC exchange wallet. Start the wallet with its Run method.

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