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const (
	CoinNotFoundError = dex.ErrorKind("coin not found")
	ErrConnectionDown = dex.ErrorKind("wallet not connected")

    CoinNotFoundError is returned when a coin cannot be found, either because it has been spent or it never existed. This error may be returned from AuditContract, Refund or Redeem as those methods expect the provided coin to exist and be unspent.


    This section is empty.


    func Assets

    func Assets() map[uint32]RegisteredAsset

      Assets returns a list of information about supported assets.

      func DecodeCoinID

      func DecodeCoinID(assetID uint32, coinID []byte) (string, error)

        DecodeCoinID creates a human-readable representation of a coin ID for a named asset with a corresponding driver registered with this package.

        func Register

        func Register(assetID uint32, driver Driver)

          Register should be called by the init function of an asset's package.


          type AuditInfo

          type AuditInfo interface {
          	// Recipient is the string-encoded recipient address.
          	Recipient() string
          	// Expiration is the unix timestamp of the contract time lock expiration.
          	Expiration() time.Time
          	// Coin is the coin that contains the contract.
          	Coin() Coin
          	// Contract is the contract script.
          	Contract() dex.Bytes
          	// SecretHash is the contract's secret hash.
          	SecretHash() dex.Bytes

            AuditInfo is audit information about a swap contract needed to audit the contract.

            type Balance

            type Balance struct {
            	// Available is the balance that is available for trading immediately.
            	Available uint64 `json:"available"`
            	// Immature is the balance that is not ready, but will be after some
            	// confirmations.
            	Immature uint64 `json:"immature"`
            	// Locked is the total amount locked in the wallet which includes but
            	// is not limited to funds locked for swap but not actually swapped yet.
            	Locked uint64 `json:"locked"`

              Balance is categorized information about a wallet's balance.

              type Coin

              type Coin interface {
              	// ID is a unique identifier for this coin.
              	ID() dex.Bytes
              	// String is a string representation of the coin.
              	String() string
              	// Value is the available quantity, in atoms/satoshi.
              	Value() uint64

                Coin is some amount of spendable asset. Coin provides the information needed to locate the unspent value on the blockchain.

                type Coins

                type Coins []Coin

                  Coins a collection of coins as returned by Fund.

                  type ConfigOption

                  type ConfigOption struct {
                  	Key          string      `json:"key"`
                  	DisplayName  string      `json:"displayname"`
                  	Description  string      `json:"description"`
                  	DefaultValue interface{} `json:"default"`
                  	NoEcho       bool        `json:"noecho"`
                  	IsBoolean    bool        `json:"isboolean"`

                    ConfigOption is a wallet configuration option.

                    type Contract

                    type Contract struct {
                    	// Address is the receiving address.
                    	Address string
                    	// Value is the amount being traded.
                    	Value uint64
                    	// SecretHash is the hash of the secret key.
                    	SecretHash dex.Bytes
                    	// LockTime is the contract lock time.
                    	LockTime uint64

                      Contract is a swap contract.

                      type Driver

                      type Driver interface {
                      	Setup(*WalletConfig, dex.Logger, dex.Network) (Wallet, error)
                      	DecodeCoinID(coinID []byte) (string, error)
                      	Info() *WalletInfo

                        Driver is the interface required of all exchange wallets.

                        type Order

                        type Order struct {
                        	// Value is the amount required to satisfy the order. The Value does not
                        	// include fees. Fees will be calculated internally based on the number of
                        	// possible swaps (MaxSwapCount) and the exchange's configuration
                        	// (DEXConfig).
                        	Value uint64
                        	// MaxSwapCount is the number of lots in the order, which is also the
                        	// maximum number of transaction that an order could potentially generate
                        	// in a worst-case scenario of all 1-lot matches. Note that if requesting
                        	// funding for the quote asset's wallet, the number of lots will not be
                        	// Value / DEXConfig.LotSize, because an order is quantified in the base
                        	// asset, so lots is always (order quantity) / (base asset lot size).
                        	MaxSwapCount uint64 // uint64 for compatibility with quantity and lot size.
                        	// DEXConfig holds values specific to and provided by a particular server.
                        	// Info about fee rates and swap transaction sizes is used internally to
                        	// calculate the funding required to cover fees.
                        	DEXConfig *dex.Asset
                        	// Immediate should be set to true if this is for an order that is not a
                        	// standing order, likely a market order or a limit order with immediate
                        	// time-in-force.
                        	Immediate bool

                          Order is order details needed for FundOrder.

                          type Receipt

                          type Receipt interface {
                          	// Expiration is the time lock expiration.
                          	Expiration() time.Time
                          	// Coin is the contract's coin.
                          	Coin() Coin
                          	// Contract is the contract script.
                          	Contract() dex.Bytes
                          	// String provides a human-readable representation of the contract's Coin.
                          	String() string

                            Receipt holds information about a sent swap contract.

                            type Redemption

                            type Redemption struct {
                            	// Spends is the AuditInfo for the swap output being spent.
                            	Spends AuditInfo
                            	// Secret is the secret key needed to satisfy the swap contract.
                            	Secret dex.Bytes

                              Redemption is a redemption transaction that spends a counter-party's swap contract.

                              type RegisteredAsset

                              type RegisteredAsset struct {
                              	ID     uint32
                              	Symbol string
                              	Info   *WalletInfo

                                A registered asset is information about a supported asset.

                                type Swaps

                                type Swaps struct {
                                	// Inputs are the Coins being spent.
                                	Inputs Coins
                                	// Contract is the contract data.
                                	Contracts []*Contract
                                	// FeeRate is the required fee rate in atoms/byte.
                                	FeeRate uint64
                                	// LockChange can be set to true if the change should be locked for
                                	// subsequent matches.
                                	LockChange bool

                                  Swaps is the details needed to broadcast a swap contract(s).

                                  type Wallet

                                  type Wallet interface {
                                  	// Info returns a set of basic information about the wallet.
                                  	Info() *WalletInfo
                                  	// Balance should return the balance of the wallet, categorized by
                                  	// available, immature, and locked. Balance takes a list of minimum
                                  	// confirmations for which to calculate maturity, and returns a list of
                                  	// corresponding *Balance.
                                  	Balance() (*Balance, error)
                                  	// FundOrder selects coins for use in an order. The coins will be locked,
                                  	// and will not be returned in subsequent calls to FundOrder or calculated
                                  	// in calls to Available, unless they are unlocked with ReturnCoins. The
                                  	// returned []dex.Bytes contains the redeem scripts for the selected coins.
                                  	// Equal number of coins and redeemed scripts must be returned. A nil or
                                  	// empty dex.Bytes should be appended to the redeem scripts collection for
                                  	// coins with no redeem script.
                                  	FundOrder(*Order) (coins Coins, redeemScripts []dex.Bytes, err error)
                                  	// ReturnCoins unlocks coins. This would be necessary in the case of a
                                  	// canceled order.
                                  	ReturnCoins(Coins) error
                                  	// FundingCoins gets funding coins for the coin IDs. The coins are locked.
                                  	// This method might be called to reinitialize an order from data stored
                                  	// externally. This method will only return funding coins, e.g. unspent
                                  	// transaction outputs.
                                  	FundingCoins([]dex.Bytes) (Coins, error)
                                  	// Swap sends the swaps in a single transaction. The Receipts returned can
                                  	// be used to refund a failed transaction. The Input coins are unlocked where
                                  	// necessary to ensure accurate balance reporting in cases where the wallet
                                  	// includes spent coins as part of the locked balance just because they were
                                  	// previously locked.
                                  	Swap(*Swaps) (receipts []Receipt, changeCoin Coin, feesPaid uint64, err error)
                                  	// Redeem sends the redemption transaction, which may contain more than one
                                  	// redemption. The input coin IDs and the output Coin are returned.
                                  	Redeem(redeems []*Redemption) (ins []dex.Bytes, out Coin, feesPaid uint64, err error)
                                  	// SignMessage signs the coin ID with the private key associated with the
                                  	// specified Coin. A slice of pubkeys required to spend the Coin and a
                                  	// signature for each pubkey are returned.
                                  	SignMessage(Coin, dex.Bytes) (pubkeys, sigs []dex.Bytes, err error)
                                  	// AuditContract retrieves information about a swap contract on the
                                  	// blockchain. This would be used to verify the counter-party's contract
                                  	// during a swap. If the coin cannot be found for the coin ID, the
                                  	// ExchangeWallet should return CoinNotFoundError. This enables the client
                                  	// to properly handle network latency.
                                  	AuditContract(coinID, contract dex.Bytes) (AuditInfo, error)
                                  	// LocktimeExpired returns true if the specified contract's locktime has
                                  	// expired, making it possible to issue a Refund. The contract expiry time
                                  	// is also returned, but reaching this time does not necessarily mean the
                                  	// contract can be refunded since assets have different rules to satisfy the
                                  	// lock. For example, in Bitcoin the median of the last 11 blocks must be
                                  	// past the expiry time, not the current time.
                                  	LocktimeExpired(contract dex.Bytes) (bool, time.Time, error)
                                  	// FindRedemption watches for the input that spends the specified contract
                                  	// coin, and returns the spending input and the contract's secret key when
                                  	// it finds a spender.
                                  	// For typical blockchains, every input of every block tx (starting at the
                                  	// contract block) will need to be scanned until a spending input is found.
                                  	// FindRedemption is necessary to deal with the case of a maker redeeming but
                                  	// not forwarding their redemption information. The DEX does not monitor for
                                  	// this case. While it will result in the counter-party being penalized, the
                                  	// input still needs to be found so the swap can be completed.
                                  	// NOTE: This could potentially be a long and expensive operation if performed
                                  	// long after the swap is broadcast; might be better executed from a goroutine.
                                  	FindRedemption(ctx context.Context, coinID dex.Bytes) (redemptionCoin, secret dex.Bytes, err error)
                                  	// Refund refunds a contract. This can only be used after the time lock has
                                  	// expired AND if the contract has not been redeemed/refunded.
                                  	// NOTE: The contract cannot be retrieved from the unspent coin info as the
                                  	// wallet does not store it, even though it was known when the init transaction
                                  	// was created. The client should store this information for persistence across
                                  	// sessions.
                                  	Refund(coinID, contract dex.Bytes) (dex.Bytes, error)
                                  	// Address returns an address for the exchange wallet.
                                  	Address() (string, error)
                                  	// OwnsAddress indicates if an address belongs to the wallet.
                                  	OwnsAddress(address string) (bool, error)
                                  	// Unlock unlocks the exchange wallet.
                                  	Unlock(pw string) error
                                  	// Lock locks the exchange wallet.
                                  	Lock() error
                                  	// Locked will be true if the wallet is currently locked.
                                  	Locked() bool
                                  	// PayFee sends the dex registration fee. Transaction fees are in addition to
                                  	// the registration fee, and the fee rate is taken from the DEX configuration.
                                  	PayFee(address string, feeAmt uint64) (Coin, error)
                                  	// Confirmations gets the number of confirmations for the specified coin ID.
                                  	// If the coin is not unspent, and is not known to this wallet,
                                  	// Confirmations may return an error. The value of spent should be ignored
                                  	// if err is non-nil, but Wallet implementations should return spent = false
                                  	// anyway.
                                  	Confirmations(id dex.Bytes) (confs uint32, spent bool, err error)
                                  	// Withdraw withdraws funds to the specified address. Fees are subtracted from
                                  	// the value.
                                  	Withdraw(address string, value uint64) (Coin, error)
                                  	// ValidateSecret checks that the secret hashes to the secret hash.
                                  	ValidateSecret(secret, secretHash []byte) bool
                                  	// SyncStatus is information about the blockchain sync status.
                                  	SyncStatus() (synced bool, progress float32, err error)

                                    Wallet is a common interface to be implemented by cryptocurrency wallet software.

                                    func Setup

                                    func Setup(assetID uint32, cfg *WalletConfig, logger dex.Logger, network dex.Network) (Wallet, error)

                                      Setup sets up the asset, returning the exchange wallet.

                                      type WalletConfig

                                      type WalletConfig struct {
                                      	// Settings is the key-value store of wallet connection parameters. The
                                      	// Settings are supplied by the user according the the WalletInfo's
                                      	// ConfigOpts.
                                      	Settings map[string]string
                                      	// TipChange is a function that will be called when the blockchain monitoring
                                      	// loop detects a new block. If the error supplied is nil, the client should
                                      	// check the confirmations on any negotiating swaps to see if action is
                                      	// needed. If the error is non-nil, the wallet monitoring loop encountered an
                                      	// error while retrieving tip information.
                                      	TipChange func(error)

                                        WalletConfig is the configuration settings for the wallet. WalletConfig is passed to the wallet constructor.

                                        type WalletInfo

                                        type WalletInfo struct {
                                        	// Name is the display name for the currency, e.g. "Decred"
                                        	Name string `json:"name"`
                                        	// Units is the unit used for the smallest (integer) denomination of the
                                        	// currency, in plural form e.g. atoms, Satoshis.
                                        	Units string `json:"units"`
                                        	// DefaultConfigPath is the default file path that the Wallet uses for its
                                        	// configuration file.
                                        	DefaultConfigPath string `json:"configpath"`
                                        	// ConfigOpts is a slice of expected Wallet config options, with the display
                                        	// name, config key (for parsing the option from a config file/text) and
                                        	// description for each option. This can be used to request config info from
                                        	// users e.g. via dynamically generated GUI forms.
                                        	ConfigOpts []*ConfigOption `json:"configopts"`

                                          WalletInfo is auxiliary information about an ExchangeWallet.

                                          func Info

                                          func Info(assetID uint32) (*WalletInfo, error)

                                            Info returns the WalletInfo for the specified asset, if supported.


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