Package rpcserver provides a JSON RPC to communicate with the client core.



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    func ListCommands

    func ListCommands(includePasswords bool) string

      ListCommands prints a short usage string for every route available to the rpcserver.

      func SetLogger

      func SetLogger(logger dex.Logger)

        SetLogger sets the logger for the RPCServer package.


        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	Core                        clientCore
        	Addr, User, Pass, Cert, Key string

          Config holds variables neede to create a new RPC Server.

          type RPCServer

          type RPCServer struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            RPCServer is a single-client http and websocket server enabling a JSON interface to the DEX client.

            func New

            func New(cfg *Config) (*RPCServer, error)

              New is the constructor for an RPCServer.

              func (*RPCServer) Connect

              func (s *RPCServer) Connect(ctx context.Context) (*sync.WaitGroup, error)

                Connect starts the RPC server. Satisfies the dex.Connector interface.

                type RawParams

                type RawParams struct {
                	PWArgs []encode.PassBytes `json:"PWArgs"`
                	Args   []string           `json:"args"`

                  RawParams is used for all server requests.