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const (

	// KeySize is the size of the encryption key.
	KeySize = 32
	// SaltSize is the size of the argon2id salt.
	SaltSize = 16


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type Crypter

type Crypter interface {
	// Encrypt encrypts the plaintext.
	Encrypt(b []byte) ([]byte, error)
	// Decrypt decrypts the ciphertext created by Encrypt.
	Decrypt(b []byte) ([]byte, error)
	// Serialize serializes the Crypter. Use the Deserialize function to create
	// a Crypter from the resulting bytes. Deserializing requires the password
	// used to create the Crypter.
	Serialize() []byte
	// Close zeros the encryption key. The Crypter is useless after closing.

    Crypter is an interface for an encryption key and encryption/decryption algorithms. Create a Crypter with the NewCrypter function.

    func Deserialize

    func Deserialize(pw, encCrypter []byte) (Crypter, error)

      Deserialize deserializes the Crypter for the password.

      func NewCrypter

      func NewCrypter(pw []byte) Crypter

        NewCrypter derives an encryption key from a password string.

        type Key

        type Key [KeySize]byte

          Key is 32 bytes.

          type Salt

          type Salt [SaltSize]byte

            Salt is randomness used as part of key derivation. This is different from the salt generated during xchacha20poly1305 encryption, which is shorter.

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