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const (
	HashSize = blake256.Size


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var (
	HashFunc = blake256.Sum256


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type Account

type Account struct {
	ID     AccountID
	PubKey *secp256k1.PublicKey

    Account represents a dex client account.

    func NewAccountFromPubKey

    func NewAccountFromPubKey(pk []byte) (*Account, error)

      NewAccountFromPubKey creates a dex client account from the provided public key bytes.

      type AccountID

      type AccountID [HashSize]byte

      func NewID

      func NewID(pk []byte) AccountID

        NewID generates a unique account id with the provided public key bytes.

        func (AccountID) MarshalJSON

        func (aid AccountID) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

          MarshalJSON satisfies the json.Marshaller interface, and will marshal the id to a hex string.

          func (*AccountID) Scan

          func (aid *AccountID) Scan(src interface{}) error

            Scan implements the sql.Scanner interface.

            func (AccountID) String

            func (aid AccountID) String() string

              String returns a hexadecimal representation of the AccountID. String implements fmt.Stringer.

              func (AccountID) Value

              func (aid AccountID) Value() (driver.Value, error)

                Value implements the sql/driver.Valuer interface.

                type Rule

                type Rule uint8

                  Rule represents a rule of community conduct.

                  const (
                  	// NoRule indicates that no rules have been broken. This may be an invalid
                  	// value in some contexts.
                  	NoRule Rule = iota
                  	// PreimageReveal means an account failed to respond with a valid preimage
                  	// for their order during epoch processing.
                  	// FailureToAct means that an account has not followed through on one of their
                  	// swap negotiation steps.
                  	// CancellationRate means the account's cancellation rate  has dropped below
                  	// the acceptable level.
                  	// LowFees means an account made a transaction that didn't pay fees at the
                  	// requisite level.
                  	// MaxRule in not an actual rule. It is a placeholder that is used to
                  	// determine the total number of rules. It must always be the last
                  	// definition in this list.

                  func (Rule) Description

                  func (r Rule) Description() string

                    Description returns a description of the rule.

                    func (Rule) Duration

                    func (r Rule) Duration() time.Duration

                      Duration returns the penalty duration of the rule being broken.

                      func (Rule) Punishable

                      func (r Rule) Punishable() bool

                        Punishable returns whether breaking this rule incurs a penalty.

                        func (Rule) String

                        func (r Rule) String() string

                          String satisfies the Stringer interface.

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