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const (
	ErrGeneralFailure uint16 = iota

    The possible Code values in an ArchiveError.


    This section is empty.


    func IsErrGeneralFailure

    func IsErrGeneralFailure(err error) bool

      IsErrGeneralFailure returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrGeneralFailure.

      func IsErrInvalidOrder

      func IsErrInvalidOrder(err error) bool

        IsErrInvalidOrder returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrInvalidOrder.

        func IsErrMatchUnknown

        func IsErrMatchUnknown(err error) bool

          IsErrMatchUnknown returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrUnknownMatch.

          func IsErrMatchUnsupported

          func IsErrMatchUnsupported(err error) bool

            IsErrMatchUnsupported returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrUnsupportedMarket.

            func IsErrOrderNotExecuted

            func IsErrOrderNotExecuted(err error) bool

              IsErrOrderNotExecuted returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrOrderNotExecuted.

              func IsErrOrderUnknown

              func IsErrOrderUnknown(err error) bool

                IsErrOrderUnknown returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrUnknownOrder.

                func IsErrReusedCommit

                func IsErrReusedCommit(err error) bool

                  IsErrReusedCommit returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrReusedCommit.

                  func IsErrUpdateCount

                  func IsErrUpdateCount(err error) bool

                    IsErrUpdateCount returns true if the error is of type ArchiveError and has code ErrUpdateCount.

                    func Register

                    func Register(name string, driver Driver)

                      Register should be called by the init function of an DB driver's package.

                      func SameErrorTypes

                      func SameErrorTypes(errA, errB error) bool

                        SameErrorTypes checks for error equality or ArchiveError.Code equality if both errors are of type ArchiveError.

                        func UseLogger

                        func UseLogger(logger dex.Logger)

                          UseLogger sets the logger to use for all of the DB Drivers.

                          func ValidateOrder

                          func ValidateOrder(ord order.Order, status order.OrderStatus, mkt *dex.MarketInfo) bool

                            ValidateOrder ensures that the order with the given status for the specified market is sensible. This function is in the database package because the concept of a valid order-status-market state is dependent on the semantics of order archival. The ServerTime may not be set yet, so the OrderID cannot be computed.


                            type Account

                            type Account struct {
                            	AccountID  account.AccountID `json:"accountid"`
                            	Pubkey     dex.Bytes         `json:"pubkey"`
                            	FeeAddress string            `json:"feeaddress"`
                            	FeeCoin    dex.Bytes         `json:"feecoin"`
                            	BrokenRule account.Rule      `json:"brokenrule"`

                              Account holds data returned by Accounts.

                              type AccountArchiver

                              type AccountArchiver interface {
                              	// CloseAccount closes an account for violating a rule of community conduct.
                              	CloseAccount(account.AccountID, account.Rule) error
                              	// RestoreAccount opens an account that was previously closed by CloseAccount.
                              	RestoreAccount(account.AccountID) error
                              	// Account retrieves the account information for the specified account ID.
                              	// The registration fee payment status is returned as well. A nil pointer
                              	// will be returned for unknown or closed accounts.
                              	Account(account.AccountID) (acct *account.Account, paid, open bool)
                              	// CreateAccount stores a new account. The account is considered unpaid until
                              	// PayAccount is used to set the payment details.
                              	CreateAccount(*account.Account) (string, error)
                              	// AccountRegAddr gets the registration fee address assigned to the account.
                              	AccountRegAddr(account.AccountID) (string, error)
                              	// PayAccount sets the registration fee payment transaction details for the
                              	// account, completing the registration process.
                              	PayAccount(account.AccountID, []byte) error
                              	// Accounts returns data for all accounts.
                              	Accounts() ([]*Account, error)
                              	// AccountInfo returns data for an account.
                              	AccountInfo(account.AccountID) (*Account, error)

                                AccountArchiver is the interface required for storage and retrieval of all account data.

                                type ArchiveError

                                type ArchiveError struct {
                                	Code   uint16
                                	Detail string

                                  ArchiveError is the error type used by archivist for certain recognized errors. Not all returned errors will be of this type.

                                  func (ArchiveError) Error

                                  func (ae ArchiveError) Error() string

                                  type DEXArchivist

                                  type DEXArchivist interface {
                                  	// LastErr should returns any fatal or unexpected error encountered by the
                                  	// archivist backend. This may be used to check if the database had an
                                  	// unrecoverable error (disconnect, etc.).
                                  	LastErr() error
                                  	// Fatal provides select semantics like Context.Done when there is a fatal
                                  	// backend error. Use LastErr to get the error.
                                  	Fatal() <-chan struct{}
                                  	// Close should gracefully shutdown the backend, returning when complete.
                                  	Close() error
                                  	// InsertEpoch stores the results of a newly-processed epoch.
                                  	InsertEpoch(ed *EpochResults) error
                                  	// GetStateHash retrieves that last stored swap state file hash.
                                  	GetStateHash() ([]byte, error)
                                  	// SetStateHash stores the swap state file hash.
                                  	SetStateHash([]byte) error

                                    DEXArchivist will be composed of several different interfaces. Starting with OrderArchiver.

                                    func Open

                                    func Open(ctx context.Context, name string, cfg interface{}) (DEXArchivist, error)

                                      Open loads the named DB driver with the provided configuration.

                                      type Driver

                                      type Driver interface {
                                      	Open(ctx context.Context, cfg interface{}) (DEXArchivist, error)
                                      	UseLogger(logger dex.Logger)

                                        Driver is the interface required of all DB drivers. Open should create a DEXArchivist and verify connectivity with the asset's chain server.

                                        type EpochResults

                                        type EpochResults struct {
                                        	MktBase, MktQuote uint32
                                        	Idx               int64
                                        	Dur               int64
                                        	MatchTime         int64
                                        	CSum              []byte
                                        	Seed              []byte
                                        	OrdersRevealed    []order.OrderID
                                        	OrdersMissed      []order.OrderID

                                          EpochResults represents the outcome of epoch order processing, including preimage collection, and computation of commitment checksum and shuffle seed. MatchTime is the time at which order matching is executed.

                                          type MarketMatchID

                                          type MarketMatchID struct {
                                          	Base, Quote uint32 // market

                                            MarketMatchID designates a MatchID for a certain market by the market's base-quote asset IDs.

                                            func MatchID

                                            func MatchID(match *order.Match) MarketMatchID

                                              MatchID constructs a MarketMatchID from an order.Match.

                                              type MatchArchiver

                                              type MatchArchiver interface {
                                              	InsertMatch(match *order.Match) error
                                              	MatchByID(mid order.MatchID, base, quote uint32) (*MatchData, error)
                                              	UserMatches(aid account.AccountID, base, quote uint32) ([]*MatchData, error)
                                              	CompletedAndAtFaultMatchStats(aid account.AccountID, lastN int) ([]*MatchOutcome, error)
                                              	ForgiveMatchFail(mid order.MatchID) (bool, error)
                                              	AllActiveUserMatches(aid account.AccountID) ([]*MatchData, error)
                                              	MatchStatuses(aid account.AccountID, base, quote uint32, matchIDs []order.MatchID) ([]*MatchStatus, error)

                                                MatchArchiver is the interface required for storage and retrieval of all match data.

                                                type MatchData

                                                type MatchData struct {
                                                	ID        order.MatchID
                                                	Taker     order.OrderID
                                                	TakerAcct account.AccountID
                                                	TakerAddr string
                                                	TakerSell bool
                                                	Maker     order.OrderID
                                                	MakerAcct account.AccountID
                                                	MakerAddr string
                                                	Epoch     order.EpochID
                                                	Quantity  uint64
                                                	Rate      uint64
                                                	BaseRate  uint64
                                                	QuoteRate uint64
                                                	Active    bool              // match negotiation in progress, not yet completed or failed
                                                	Status    order.MatchStatus // note that failed swaps, where Active=false, can have any status

                                                  MatchData represents an order pair match, but with just the order IDs instead of the full orders. The actual orders may be retrieved by ID.

                                                  type MatchOutcome

                                                  type MatchOutcome struct {
                                                  	Status      order.MatchStatus
                                                  	ID          order.MatchID
                                                  	Fail        bool // taker must reach MatchComplete, maker succeeds at MakerRedeemed
                                                  	Time        int64
                                                  	Value       uint64
                                                  	Base, Quote uint32 // the market

                                                    MatchOutcome pairs an inactive match's status with a timestamp. In the case of a successful match for the user, this is when their redeem was received. In the case of an at-fault match failure for the user, this corresponds to the time of the previous match action. The previous action times are: match time, swap txn validated times, and initiator redeem validated time. Note that this does not directly correspond to match revocation times where inaction deadline references the time when the swap txns reach the required confirms. These times must match the reference times provided to the auth manager when registering new swap outcomes.

                                                    type MatchStatus

                                                    type MatchStatus struct {
                                                    	ID            order.MatchID
                                                    	Status        order.MatchStatus
                                                    	MakerContract []byte
                                                    	TakerContract []byte
                                                    	MakerSwap     []byte
                                                    	TakerSwap     []byte
                                                    	MakerRedeem   []byte
                                                    	TakerRedeem   []byte
                                                    	Secret        []byte
                                                    	Active        bool

                                                      MatchStatus is the current status of a match, its known contracts and coin IDs, and its secret, if known.

                                                      type OrderArchiver

                                                      type OrderArchiver interface {
                                                      	// Order retrieves an order with the given OrderID, stored for the market
                                                      	// specified by the given base and quote assets.
                                                      	Order(oid order.OrderID, base, quote uint32) (order.Order, order.OrderStatus, error)
                                                      	// BookOrders returns all book orders for a market.
                                                      	BookOrders(base, quote uint32) ([]*order.LimitOrder, error)
                                                      	// FlushBook revokes all booked orders for a market.
                                                      	FlushBook(base, quote uint32) (sellsRemoved, buysRemoved []order.OrderID, err error)
                                                      	// ActiveOrderCoins retrieves a CoinID slice for each active order.
                                                      	ActiveOrderCoins(base, quote uint32) (baseCoins, quoteCoins map[order.OrderID][]order.CoinID, err error)
                                                      	// UserOrders retrieves all orders for the given account in the market
                                                      	// specified by a base and quote asset.
                                                      	UserOrders(ctx context.Context, aid account.AccountID, base, quote uint32) ([]order.Order, []order.OrderStatus, error)
                                                      	// UserOrderStatuses retrieves the statuses and filled amounts of the orders
                                                      	// with the provided order IDs for the given account in the market specified
                                                      	// by a base and quote asset.
                                                      	// The number and ordering of the returned statuses is not necessarily the
                                                      	// same as the number and ordering of the provided order IDs. It is not an
                                                      	// error if any or all of the provided order IDs cannot be found for the
                                                      	// given account in the specified market.
                                                      	UserOrderStatuses(aid account.AccountID, base, quote uint32, oids []order.OrderID) ([]*OrderStatus, error)
                                                      	// ActiveUserOrderStatuses retrieves the statuses and filled amounts of all
                                                      	// active orders for a user across all markets.
                                                      	ActiveUserOrderStatuses(aid account.AccountID) ([]*OrderStatus, error)
                                                      	// CompletedUserOrders retrieves the N most recently completed orders for a
                                                      	// user across all markets.
                                                      	CompletedUserOrders(aid account.AccountID, N int) (oids []order.OrderID, compTimes []int64, err error)
                                                      	// PreimageStats retrieves the N most recent results of preimage requests
                                                      	// for the user across all markets.
                                                      	PreimageStats(user account.AccountID, lastN int) ([]*PreimageResult, error)
                                                      	// ExecutedCancelsForUser retrieves up to N executed cancel orders for a
                                                      	// given user. These may be user-initiated cancels, or cancels created by
                                                      	// the server (revokes). Executed cancel orders from all markets are
                                                      	// returned.
                                                      	ExecutedCancelsForUser(aid account.AccountID, N int) (oids, targets []order.OrderID, execTimes []int64, err error)
                                                      	// OrderWithCommit searches all markets' trade and cancel orders, both
                                                      	// active and archived, for an order with the given Commitment.
                                                      	OrderWithCommit(ctx context.Context, commit order.Commitment) (found bool, oid order.OrderID, err error)
                                                      	// OrderStatus gets the status, ID, and filled amount of the given order.
                                                      	OrderStatus(order.Order) (order.OrderStatus, order.OrderType, int64, error)
                                                      	// NewEpochOrder stores a new order with epoch status. Such orders are
                                                      	// pending execution or insertion on a book (standing limit orders with a
                                                      	// remaining unfilled amount).
                                                      	NewEpochOrder(ord order.Order, epochIdx, epochDur int64) error
                                                      	// StorePreimage stores the preimage associated with an existing order.
                                                      	StorePreimage(ord order.Order, pi order.Preimage) error
                                                      	// BookOrder books the given order. If the order was already stored (i.e.
                                                      	// NewEpochOrder), it's status and filled amount are updated, otherwise it
                                                      	// is inserted. See also UpdateOrderFilled.
                                                      	BookOrder(*order.LimitOrder) error
                                                      	// ExecuteOrder puts the order into the executed state, and sets the filled
                                                      	// amount for market and limit orders. For unmatched cancel orders, use
                                                      	// FailCancelOrder instead.
                                                      	ExecuteOrder(ord order.Order) error
                                                      	// CancelOrder puts a limit order into the canceled state. Market orders
                                                      	// must use ExecuteOrder since they may not be canceled. Similarly, cancel
                                                      	// orders must use ExecuteOrder or FailCancelOrder. Orders that are
                                                      	// terminated by the DEX rather than via a cancel order are considered
                                                      	// "revoked", and RevokeOrder should be used to set this status.
                                                      	CancelOrder(*order.LimitOrder) error
                                                      	// RevokeOrder puts an order into the revoked state, and generates a cancel
                                                      	// order to record the action. Orders should be revoked by the DEX according
                                                      	// to policy on failed orders. For canceling an order that was matched with
                                                      	// a cancel order, use CancelOrder.
                                                      	RevokeOrder(order.Order) (cancelID order.OrderID, t time.Time, err error)
                                                      	// RevokeOrderUncounted is like RevokeOrder except that the generated cancel
                                                      	// order will not be counted against the user. i.e. ExecutedCancelsForUser
                                                      	// should not return the cancel orders created this way.
                                                      	RevokeOrderUncounted(order.Order) (cancelID order.OrderID, t time.Time, err error)
                                                      	// FailCancelOrder puts an unmatched cancel order into the executed state.
                                                      	// For matched cancel orders, use ExecuteOrder.
                                                      	FailCancelOrder(*order.CancelOrder) error
                                                      	// UpdateOrderFilled updates the filled amount of the given order. This
                                                      	// function applies only to limit orders, not cancel or market orders. The
                                                      	// filled amount of a market order should be updated by ExecuteOrder.
                                                      	UpdateOrderFilled(*order.LimitOrder) error
                                                      	// UpdateOrderStatus updates the status and filled amount of the given
                                                      	// order.
                                                      	UpdateOrderStatus(order.Order, order.OrderStatus) error
                                                      	// SetOrderCompleteTime sets the successful completion time for an existing
                                                      	// order. This will follow the final step in swap negotiation, for an order
                                                      	// that is not on the book.
                                                      	SetOrderCompleteTime(ord order.Order, compTimeMs int64) error

                                                        OrderArchiver is the interface required for storage and retrieval of all order data.

                                                        type OrderStatus

                                                        type OrderStatus struct {
                                                        	ID     order.OrderID
                                                        	Status order.OrderStatus

                                                          OrderStatus is the current status of an order.

                                                          type PreimageResult

                                                          type PreimageResult struct {
                                                          	Miss bool
                                                          	Time int64
                                                          	ID   order.OrderID

                                                            PreimageResult is the outcome of preimage collection for an order in an epoch that closed at a certain time.

                                                            type SwapArchiver

                                                            type SwapArchiver interface {
                                                            	// SwapData retrieves the swap/match status and the current SwapData.
                                                            	SwapData(mid MarketMatchID) (order.MatchStatus, *SwapData, error)
                                                            	// SaveMatchAckSigA records the match data acknowledgement signature from
                                                            	// swap party A (the initiator), which is the maker in the DEX.
                                                            	SaveMatchAckSigA(mid MarketMatchID, sig []byte) error
                                                            	// SaveMatchAckSigB records the match data acknowledgement signature from
                                                            	// swap party B (the participant), which is the taker in the DEX.
                                                            	SaveMatchAckSigB(mid MarketMatchID, sig []byte) error
                                                            	// SaveContractA records party A's swap contract script and the coinID (e.g.
                                                            	// transaction output) containing the contract on chain X. Note that this
                                                            	// contract contains the secret hash.
                                                            	SaveContractA(mid MarketMatchID, contract []byte, coinID []byte, timestamp int64) error
                                                            	// SaveAuditAckSigB records party B's signature acknowledging their audit of
                                                            	// A's swap contract.
                                                            	SaveAuditAckSigB(mid MarketMatchID, sig []byte) error
                                                            	// SaveContractB records party B's swap contract script and the coinID (e.g.
                                                            	// transaction output) containing the contract on chain Y.
                                                            	SaveContractB(mid MarketMatchID, contract []byte, coinID []byte, timestamp int64) error
                                                            	// SaveAuditAckSigA records party A's signature acknowledging their audit of
                                                            	// B's swap contract.
                                                            	SaveAuditAckSigA(mid MarketMatchID, sig []byte) error
                                                            	// SaveRedeemA records party A's redemption coinID (e.g. transaction
                                                            	// output), which spends party B's swap contract on chain Y. Note that this
                                                            	// transaction will contain the secret, which party B extracts.
                                                            	SaveRedeemA(mid MarketMatchID, coinID, secret []byte, timestamp int64) error
                                                            	// SaveRedeemAckSigB records party B's signature acknowledging party A's
                                                            	// redemption, which spent their swap contract on chain Y and revealed the
                                                            	// secret.
                                                            	SaveRedeemAckSigB(mid MarketMatchID, sig []byte) error
                                                            	// SaveRedeemB records party B's redemption coinID (e.g. transaction
                                                            	// output), which spends party A's swap contract on chain X. This should
                                                            	// also flag the match as inactive.
                                                            	SaveRedeemB(mid MarketMatchID, coinID []byte, timestamp int64) error
                                                            	// SetMatchInactive sets the swap as done/inactive. This can be because of a
                                                            	// failed or successfully completed swap, but in practice this will be used
                                                            	// for failed swaps since SaveRedeemB flags the swap as done/inactive.
                                                            	SetMatchInactive(mid MarketMatchID) error

                                                              SwapArchiver is the interface required for storage and retrieval of swap counterparty data.

                                                              In the swap process, the counterparties are: - Initiator or party A on chain X. This is the maker in the DEX. - Participant or party B on chain Y. This is the taker in the DEX.

                                                              For each match, a successful swap will generate the following data that must be stored: - 5 client signatures. Both parties sign the data to acknowledge (1) the

                                                              match ack, and (2) the counterparty's contract script and contract
                                                              transaction. Plus the taker acks the maker's redemption transaction.

                                                              - 2 swap contracts and the associated transaction outputs (more generally,

                                                              coinIDs), one on each party's blockchain.

                                                              - 2 redemption transaction outputs (coinIDs).

                                                              The methods for saving this data are defined below in the order in which the data is expected from the parties.

                                                              type SwapData

                                                              type SwapData struct {
                                                              	SigMatchAckMaker []byte
                                                              	SigMatchAckTaker []byte
                                                              	ContractA        []byte // contains the secret hash used by both parties
                                                              	ContractACoinID  []byte
                                                              	ContractATime    int64
                                                              	ContractAAckSig  []byte // B's signature of contract A data
                                                              	ContractB        []byte
                                                              	ContractBCoinID  []byte
                                                              	ContractBTime    int64
                                                              	ContractBAckSig  []byte // A's signature of contract B data
                                                              	RedeemACoinID    []byte
                                                              	RedeemASecret    []byte // the secret revealed in A's redeem, also used in B's redeem
                                                              	RedeemATime      int64
                                                              	RedeemAAckSig    []byte // B's signature of redeem A data
                                                              	RedeemBCoinID    []byte
                                                              	RedeemBTime      int64

                                                                SwapData contains the data generated by the clients during swap negotiation.


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