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func GetConnection

func GetConnection() (*pgxpool.Pool, error)

    GetConnection allows us to retrieve the database connection easier


    type App

    type App struct {
    	Config   *Config
    	Database *Database
    	Server   *Server

      App manages the application settings and configuration

      func NewApp

      func NewApp() (*App, error)

        NewApp creates a new app

        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	Database struct {
        		Host         string
        		Port         int
        		User         string
        		Password     string
        		Sslmode      string
        		Dbname       string
        		MigrateTable string `yaml:"migrateTable"`

          Config config to run gatherfi

          func GetConfig

          func GetConfig() (*Config, error)

            GetConfig allows us to retrieve the config easier

            func NewConfig

            func NewConfig() (*Config, error)

              NewConfig attempts to get the config and read it

              func (*Config) GetConnectionString

              func (config *Config) GetConnectionString(dbName interface{}) string

                GetConnectionString returns the connection string for the database

                type Database

                type Database struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Database structure for handling database operations

                  func GetDatabase

                  func GetDatabase() (*Database, error)

                    GetDatabase allows us to retrieve the database easier

                    func NewDatabase

                    func NewDatabase(connString string) (*Database, error)

                      NewDatabase creates a Database object and connects to database

                      func (*Database) Close

                      func (db *Database) Close()

                        Close closes the running database

                        func (*Database) Connect

                        func (db *Database) Connect() error

                          Connect will open the connection and attempt to contact the server

                          func (*Database) SetConnectionString

                          func (db *Database) SetConnectionString(connString string)

                            SetConnectionString will terminate any previous database connection

                            type Server

                            type Server struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              Server structure for handling data requests

                              func NewServer

                              func NewServer() (*Server, error)

                                NewServer creates a new server structure

                                func (*Server) SetHandler

                                func (server *Server) SetHandler(handler http.Handler)

                                  SetHandler setter to initialize the handler

                                  func (*Server) StartServer

                                  func (server *Server) StartServer() error

                                    StartServer starts the webserver and waits for signal to shutdown