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func AllowIfAdmin

func AllowIfAdmin() privacy.QueryMutationRule

    AllowIfAdmin is a rule that returns allow decision if the viewer is admin.

    func AllowIfViewerInTheSameTeam

    func AllowIfViewerInTheSameTeam() privacy.MutationRule

      AllowIfViewerInTheSameTeam returns allow decision if viewer on the same team as the task.

      func AllowTaskCreateIfOwner

      func AllowTaskCreateIfOwner() privacy.MutationRule

        AllowTaskCreateIfOwner is a rule that allows creating task only if the creator is also the user.

        func AllowUserCreateIfAdmin

        func AllowUserCreateIfAdmin() privacy.MutationRule

          AllowUserCreateIfAdmin is a rule that allows user creation only if the viewer is admin.

          func DenyIfNoViewer

          func DenyIfNoViewer() privacy.QueryMutationRule

            DenyIfNoViewer is a rule that returns deny decision if the viewer is missing in the context.

            func DenyIfNotAdmin

            func DenyIfNotAdmin() privacy.QueryMutationRule

              DenyIfNotAdmin is a rule that returns deny decision if the viewer not admin.

              func DenyIfStatusChangedByOther

              func DenyIfStatusChangedByOther() privacy.MutationRule

                DenyIfStatusChangedByOther is a mutation rule that returns a deny decision if the task status was changed by someone that is not the owner of the task, or an admin.

                func DenyUpdateRule

                func DenyUpdateRule() privacy.MutationRule

                  DenyUpdateRule is a mutation rule that denies the update-many operation.

                  func FilterTeamRule

                  func FilterTeamRule() privacy.QueryRule

                    FilterTeamRule is a query rule that filters out tasks and users that are not in the team.

                    func LogTaskMutationHook

                    func LogTaskMutationHook() ent.Hook

                      LogPlanetMutationHook returns a hook logging planet mutations.

                      func SetMutationLogFunc

                      func SetMutationLogFunc(f func(string, ...interface{})) func(string, ...interface{})

                        SetMutationLogFunc overrides the logging function used by LogPlanetMutationHook.


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