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const (
	// Label holds the string label denoting the car type in the database.
	Label = "car"
	// FieldID holds the string denoting the id field in the database.
	FieldID = "id"
	// EdgeOwner holds the string denoting the owner edge name in mutations.
	EdgeOwner = "owner"
	// UserFieldID holds the string denoting the ID field of the User.
	UserFieldID = "oid"
	// Table holds the table name of the car in the database.
	Table = "cars"
	// OwnerTable is the table that holds the owner relation/edge.
	OwnerTable = "cars"
	// OwnerInverseTable is the table name for the User entity.
	// It exists in this package in order to avoid circular dependency with the "user" package.
	OwnerInverseTable = "users"
	// OwnerColumn is the table column denoting the owner relation/edge.
	OwnerColumn = "user_car"


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var Columns = []string{

Columns holds all SQL columns for car fields.

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var ForeignKeys = []string{

ForeignKeys holds the SQL foreign-keys that are owned by the "cars" table and are not defined as standalone fields in the schema.


func And

func And(predicates ...predicate.Car) predicate.Car

And groups predicates with the AND operator between them.

func HasOwner

func HasOwner() predicate.Car

HasOwner applies the HasEdge predicate on the "owner" edge.

func HasOwnerWith

func HasOwnerWith(preds ...predicate.User) predicate.Car

HasOwnerWith applies the HasEdge predicate on the "owner" edge with a given conditions (other predicates).

func ID

func ID(id int) predicate.Car

ID filters vertices based on their ID field.

func IDEQ

func IDEQ(id int) predicate.Car

IDEQ applies the EQ predicate on the ID field.

func IDGT

func IDGT(id int) predicate.Car

IDGT applies the GT predicate on the ID field.

func IDGTE

func IDGTE(id int) predicate.Car

IDGTE applies the GTE predicate on the ID field.

func IDIn

func IDIn(ids predicate.Car

IDIn applies the In predicate on the ID field.

func IDLT

func IDLT(id int) predicate.Car

IDLT applies the LT predicate on the ID field.

func IDLTE

func IDLTE(id int) predicate.Car

IDLTE applies the LTE predicate on the ID field.

func IDNEQ

func IDNEQ(id int) predicate.Car

IDNEQ applies the NEQ predicate on the ID field.

func IDNotIn

func IDNotIn(ids predicate.Car

IDNotIn applies the NotIn predicate on the ID field.

func Not

func Not(p predicate.Car) predicate.Car

Not applies the not operator on the given predicate.

func Or

func Or(predicates ...predicate.Car) predicate.Car

Or groups predicates with the OR operator between them.

func ValidColumn

func ValidColumn(column string) bool

ValidColumn reports if the column name is valid (part of the table columns).


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