The old version written in Python and working with Tiny Tiny RSS can still be found under the tag v1.0.0 in this repository

Even if there are tons of crap on YouTube nowadays there are a few channels which I like and want to watch.

Accessing my subscriptions through the YouTube homepage does not work for me because I want to see every video and I am not sure if the subscription page shows my every video, especially when I do not watch videos for over a week.

Because of that I access my subscriptions through my Feed-Reader. Currently, I use Miniflux.

Fortunately, YouTube provides RSS feeds for channels. But I do not want to search an address and add this manually to my feedreader when I subscribe to a new channel. I use the subscribe buttons from YouTube. This program updates the subscriptions in miniflux each hour.


  • Create an Project in the Google Developers Console to interact with YouTube
  • Enable the YouTube Data Api v3 for this project
  • Create Credentials for an Desktop Application
  • Download the Credential-JSON and place it in the working directory with the name youtube_secret.json
  • Create the file miniflux_secret.json and enter URL and API key (example file is in this repo)
  • Run the application. The Application will interactively setup oauth permissions for a user and the user token to the file youtube_user.json
  • If all three json files are present the appliation can fron now on run non-interactively.
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