Kubernetes ConfigMap example

  • For production you would use docker and kubernetes. And use a ConfigMap mapped as a Volume in your service (see dflag/configmap for how/sample yaml files)
  • For local testing you can use Docker Desktop Or simply run from command line and simulate the changes
  • initialize empty tmp mapping mkdir -p /tmp/foobar for kubernetes
  • run the server go run .

you should see the following:

17:52:31 I updater.go:92> Now watching /tmp and /tmp/foobar
17:52:31 I updater.go:55> Configmap flag value watching initialized on /tmp/foobar
17:52:31 I updater.go:157> Starting watching
17:52:31 I http.go:58> Serving at:
  • see port you are serving
  • visit the debug flag endpoint http://localhost:8080/debug/flags

Should see this if successful: screenshot

And you can update the flags right there in the URL -or- change a value in the configmap directory:

echo "456" > /tmp/foobar/example_my_dynamic_int

you will see in the logs:

17:56:24 I updater.go:151> updating example_my_dynamic_int to "456\n"

And the value is changed on the url as well (the \n is ignored during int parsing) changed value sshot

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