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func BrowseHandler

func BrowseHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

    BrowseHandler handles listing and rendering the JSON results.

    func DataList

    func DataList() (dataList []string)

      DataList returns the .json files/entries in data dir.

      func Handler

      func Handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

        Handler is the main UI handler creating the web forms and processing them. nolint: funlen, gocognit, gocyclo, nestif // should be refactored indeed (TODO)

        func LogAndAddCacheControl

        func LogAndAddCacheControl(h http.Handler) http.Handler

          LogAndAddCacheControl logs the request and wrapps an HTTP handler to add a Cache-Control header for static files.

          func LogAndFilterDataRequest

          func LogAndFilterDataRequest(h http.Handler) http.Handler

            LogAndFilterDataRequest logs the data request.

            func Report

            func Report(baseurl, port, staticRsrcDir string, datadir string) bool

              Report starts the browsing only UI server on the given port. Similar to Serve with only the read only part.

              func ResultToJsData

              func ResultToJsData(w io.Writer, json []byte)

                ResultToJsData converts a result object to chart data arrays and title and creates a chart from the result object.

                func SaveJSON

                func SaveJSON(name string, json []byte) string

                  SaveJSON save Json bytes to give file name (.json) in data-path dir.

                  func Serve

                  func Serve(baseurl, port, debugpath, uipath, staticRsrcDir string, datadir string, percentileList []float64) bool

                    Serve starts the fhttp.Serve() plus the UI server on the given port and paths (empty disables the feature). uiPath should end with / (be a 'directory' path). Returns true if server is started successfully.

                    func Sync

                    func Sync(out io.Writer, u string, datadir string) bool

                      Sync is the non http equivalent of fortio/sync?url=u.

                      func SyncHandler

                      func SyncHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

                        SyncHandler handles syncing/downloading from tsv url.


                        type ChartOptions

                        type ChartOptions struct {
                        	XMin   string
                        	XMax   string
                        	YMin   string
                        	YMax   string
                        	XIsLog bool
                        	YIsLog bool

                          ChartOptions describes the user-configurable options for a chart.

                          type ListBucketResult

                          type ListBucketResult struct {
                          	NextMarker string   `xml:"NextMarker"`
                          	Names      []string `xml:"Contents>Key"`

                            ListBucketResult is the minimum we need out of s3 xml results. e.g.

                            type SelectableValue

                            type SelectableValue struct {
                            	Value    string
                            	Selected bool

                              SelectableValue represets an entry in the <select> of results.

                              func SelectValues

                              func SelectValues(values []string, selectedValues []string) (selectableValues []SelectableValue, numSelected int)

                                SelectValues maps the list of values (from DataList) to a list of SelectableValues. Each returned SelectableValue is selected if its value is contained in selectedValues. It is assumed that values does not contain duplicates.

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