Package bincommon is the common code and flag handling between the fortio (fortio_main.go) and fcurl (fcurl.go) executables.



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var (

	// QuietFlag is the value of -quiet.
	QuietFlag = flag.Bool("quiet", false, "Quiet mode: sets the loglevel to Error and reduces the output.")

	// PayloadSizeFlag is the value of -payload-size.
	PayloadSizeFlag = flag.Int("payload-size", 0, "Additional random payload size, replaces -payload when set > 0,"+
		" must be smaller than -maxpayloadsizekb. Setting this switches http to POST.")
	// PayloadFlag is the value of -payload.
	PayloadFlag = flag.String("payload", "", "Payload string to send along")
	// PayloadFileFlag is the value of -paylaod-file.
	PayloadFileFlag = flag.String("payload-file", "", "File `path` to be use as payload (POST for http), replaces -payload when set.")

	// ConfigDirectoryFlag is where to watch for dynamic flag updates.
	ConfigDirectoryFlag = flag.String("config", "",
		"Config directory `path` to watch for changes of dynamic flags (empty for no watch)")
	// CertFlag is the flag for the path for the client custom certificate.
	CertFlag = flag.String("cert", "", "`Path` to the certificate file to be used for client or server TLS")
	// KeyFlag is the flag for the path for the key for the `cert`.
	KeyFlag = flag.String("key", "", "`Path` to the key file matching the -cert")
	// CACertFlag is the flag for the path of the custom CA to verify server certificates in client calls.
	CACertFlag = flag.String("cacert", "",
		"`Path` to a custom CA certificate file to be used for the TLS client connections, "+
			"if empty, use https:// prefix for standard internet/system CAs")


func FetchURL

func FetchURL(o *fhttp.HTTPOptions)

FetchURL is fetching url content and exiting with 1 upon error. common part between fortio_main and fcurl.

func FlagsUsage

func FlagsUsage(w io.Writer, msgs ...interface{})

FlagsUsage prints end of the usage() (flags part + error message).

func SharedHTTPOptions

func SharedHTTPOptions() *fhttp.HTTPOptions

SharedHTTPOptions is the flag->httpoptions transfer code shared between fortio_main and fcurl.

func SharedMain

func SharedMain(usage func(io.Writer, ...interface{}))

SharedMain is the common part of main from fortio_main and fcurl.

func TLSInsecure

func TLSInsecure() bool

TLSInsecure returns true if -k or -https-insecure was passed.


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