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Published: Jan 19, 2020 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


func Activate

func Activate(c *gin.Context)

Activate used for activating user

func Add

func Add(c *gin.Context)

Add used for add new user

func Change

func Change(c *gin.Context)

Change used for change user

func ChangePassword

func ChangePassword(c *gin.Context)

ChangePassword used for change user password

func CheckToken

func CheckToken(c *gin.Context)

CheckToken used for check token access

func ForgetPassword

func ForgetPassword(c *gin.Context)

ForgetPassword used for user forget password

func List

func List(c *gin.Context)

List used for get page list

func Login

func Login(c *gin.Context)

Login used for login into system

func Register

func Register(c *gin.Context)

Register used for register for new user

func Remove

func Remove(c *gin.Context)

Remove used for remove user

func RenewPass

func RenewPass(c *gin.Context)

RenewPass used for renew password user

type ActivateUser

type ActivateUser struct {
	ID            int    `form:"id" binding:"required"`
	ActivateToken string `form:"activate_token" binding:"required"`

ActivateUser used as param when activating user process

type ChangePasswordParam

type ChangePasswordParam struct {
	Password string `json:"password" binding:"required"`

ChangePasswordParam used as parameter for change password process

type ForgetPasswordParam

type ForgetPasswordParam struct {
	EmailAddress string `json:"email_address" binding:"required"`

ForgetPasswordParam used as parameter for forget password process

type LoginParam

type LoginParam struct {
	UserName string `json:"username" binding:"required"`
	Password string `json:"password" binding:"required"`
	Remember bool   `json:"remember"`

LoginParam used as parameter for login process

type NewPass

type NewPass struct {
	ID            int    `json:"id" binding:"required"`
	ReminderToken string `json:"reminder_token" binding:"required"`
	NewPassword   string `json:"new_password" binding:"required"`

NewPass used as param when renewing password user process

type User

type User struct {

User used as crud object

Package Files

  • activate.go
  • add.go
  • change.go
  • check_token.go
  • forget_password.go
  • list.go
  • login.go
  • object.go
  • password.go
  • register.go
  • remove.go
  • renew_password.go
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