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Generate markdown documentation from Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinition YAML files.


Download the appropriate version for your platform from Releases. You may want to install the binary to somewhere in your system's PATH such as /usr/local/bin.

Alternatively, if you have go 1.16 or later then you can also use go install. This will put the latest released version of crdoc in $(go env GOPATH)/bin:

go install


Output markdown documentation from Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinition YAML files

  crdoc [flags]


  # Generate example/ from example/crds using the default markdown.tmpl template: 
  crdoc --resources example/crds --output example/

  # Override template (builtin or custom):
  crdoc --resources example/crds --output example/ --template frontmatter.tmpl
  crdoc --resources example/crds --output example/ --template templates_folder/file.tmpl

  # Use a Table of Contents to filter and order CRDs
  crdoc --resources example/crds --output example/ --toc example/toc.yaml

  -h, --help               help for crdoc
  -o, --output string      Path to output markdown file (required)
  -r, --resources string   Path to YAML file or directory containing CustomResourceDefinitions (required)
  -t, --template string    Path to file in a templates directory (default "markdown.tmpl")
  -c, --toc string         Path to table of contents YAML file


  • There are no custom type information because this information is not available in the YAMLs. This tool was specifically designed with that in mind and provides a different reader experience compared to other similar tools.
  • is supported but we assume a structural schema as required by v1.

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