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const (
	VectorOffsetMemoryAddr    = -4 * obj.Word
	VectorOffsetCurrentMemory = -3 * obj.Word
	VectorOffsetGrowMemory    = -2 * obj.Word
	VectorOffsetTrapHandler   = -1 * obj.Word


This section is empty.


This section is empty.


type Block

type Block struct {
	Suspension bool
	WeakDead   bool // Like deadend state, but must not affect portable ABI.

type BranchTable

type BranchTable struct {
	Addr       int32
	Targets    []*BranchTarget
	StackDepth int // -1 indicates common depth among all targets

type BranchTarget

type BranchTarget struct {
	Label      link.L
	StackDepth int
	ValueType  wa.Type
	FuncEnd    bool

	Block Block

type Breakpoint

type Breakpoint struct {
	Set bool // Set by the compiler if it implemented the breakpoint.

    Breakpoint information, for debugger support.

    type Debugger

    type Debugger struct {
    	// Breakpoints are WebAssembly code offsets.  They can be obtained from
    	// DWARF debug info.
    	Breakpoints map[uint32]Breakpoint
    	Source     Teller
    	CodeOffset int64

    type Func

    type Func struct {
    	Prog // Initialized by GenProgram, preserved by GenFunction
    	Regs regalloc.Allocator
    	ResultType wa.Type
    	LocalTypes []wa.Type
    	NumParams  int
    	NumLocals  int // The non-param ones
    	Operands          []operand.O
    	FrameBase         int // Number of (stack) operands belonging to parent blocks
    	NumStableOperands int
    	StackDepth        int // The dynamic entries after locals
    	MaxStackDepth     int
    	BranchTargets []*BranchTarget
    	BranchTables  []BranchTable
    	AtomicCallStubs bool

    func (*Func) LocalOffset

    func (f *Func) LocalOffset(index int) int32

    func (*Func) MapCallAddr

    func (f *Func) MapCallAddr(retAddr int32)

    func (*Func) MapTrapAddr

    func (f *Func) MapTrapAddr(retAddr int32)

    func (*Func) StackValueConsumed

    func (f *Func) StackValueConsumed()

      StackValueConsumed updates the virtual stack pointer on behalf of MacroAssembler when it changes the physical stack pointer.

      func (*Func) ValueBecameUnreachable

      func (f *Func) ValueBecameUnreachable(x operand.O)

        ValueBecameUnreachable keeps the state consistent when an operand will not be operated on (because it was popped on an unreachable code path).

        type Prog

        type Prog struct {
        	Module                  *module.M
        	Text                    code.Buf
        	Map                     obj.ObjectMapper
        	FuncLinks               []link.FuncL
        	TrapLinks               [trap.NumTraps]link.L
        	TrapLinkRewindSuspended [program.NumTrapLinkRewindSuspended]link.L
        	TrapLinkTruncOverflow   [program.NumTrapLinkTruncOverflow]link.L
        	LastCallAddr            int32 // Needed only by arm backend.
        	ImportContext *module.Library // Set during import function generation.
        	DebugMap obj.DebugObjectMapper
        	Debugger Debugger

        type Teller

        type Teller interface {
        	Tell() int64


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