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const MockHelmClientVersion string = "v2.15.2"


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type Action

type Action struct {
	Name  string
	Steps []ExecuteStep // using UnmarshalYAML so that we don't need a custom type per action

func (Action) GetSteps

func (a Action) GetSteps() []builder.ExecutableStep

func (Action) MakeSteps

func (a Action) MakeSteps() interface{}

    MakeSteps builds a slice of Steps for data to be unmarshaled into.

    func (Action) MarshalYAML

    func (a Action) MarshalYAML() (interface{}, error)

      MarshalYAML converts the action back to a YAML representation install:


      func (*Action) UnmarshalYAML

      func (a *Action) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

        UnmarshalYAML takes any yaml in this form ACTION: - helm: ... and puts the steps into the Action.Steps field

        type BuildInput

        type BuildInput struct {
        	Config MixinConfig

          BuildInput represents stdin passed to the mixin for the build command.

          type ExecuteInstruction

          type ExecuteInstruction struct {
          	Step      `yaml:",inline"`
          	Namespace string        `yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
          	Arguments []string      `yaml:"arguments,omitempty"`
          	Flags     builder.Flags `yaml:"flags,omitempty"`

          type ExecuteStep

          type ExecuteStep struct {
          	ExecuteInstruction `yaml:"helm"`

          func (ExecuteStep) GetArguments

          func (s ExecuteStep) GetArguments() []string

          func (ExecuteStep) GetCommand

          func (s ExecuteStep) GetCommand() string

          func (ExecuteStep) GetFlags

          func (s ExecuteStep) GetFlags() builder.Flags

          type HelmOutput

          type HelmOutput struct {
          	Name         string `yaml:"name"`
          	Secret       string `yaml:"secret,omitempty"`
          	Key          string `yaml:"key,omitempty"`
          	ResourceType string `yaml:"resourceType,omitempty"`
          	ResourceName string `yaml:"resourceName,omitempty"`
          	Namespace    string `yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
          	JSONPath     string `yaml:"jsonPath,omitempty"`

          type InstallAction

          type InstallAction struct {
          	Steps []InstallStep `yaml:"install"`

          type InstallArguments

          type InstallArguments struct {
          	Step `yaml:",inline"`
          	Namespace string            `yaml:"namespace"`
          	Name      string            `yaml:"name"`
          	Chart     string            `yaml:"chart"`
          	Version   string            `yaml:"version"`
          	Replace   bool              `yaml:"replace"`
          	Set       map[string]string `yaml:"set"`
          	Values    []string          `yaml:"values"`
          	Devel     bool              `yaml:"devel`
          	Wait      bool              `yaml:"wait"`

          type InstallStep

          type InstallStep struct {
          	InstallArguments `yaml:"helm"`

          type Mixin

          type Mixin struct {
          	ClientFactory kubernetes.ClientFactory
          	HelmClientVersion string
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Helm is the logic behind the helm mixin

            func New

            func New() *Mixin

              New helm mixin client, initialized with useful defaults.

              func (*Mixin) Build

              func (m *Mixin) Build() error

              func (*Mixin) Execute

              func (m *Mixin) Execute() error

              func (*Mixin) GetSchema

              func (m *Mixin) GetSchema() (string, error)

              func (*Mixin) Init

              func (m *Mixin) Init() error

                Init inits the Helm server (Tiller) if not running, else, ensures the Helm client matches the installed Tiller version

                func (*Mixin) Install

                func (m *Mixin) Install() error

                func (*Mixin) PrintSchema

                func (m *Mixin) PrintSchema() error

                func (*Mixin) PrintVersion

                func (m *Mixin) PrintVersion(opts version.Options) error

                func (*Mixin) Uninstall

                func (m *Mixin) Uninstall() error

                  Uninstall deletes a provided set of Helm releases, supplying optional flags/params

                  func (*Mixin) Upgrade

                  func (m *Mixin) Upgrade() error

                    Upgrade issues a helm upgrade command for a release using the provided UpgradeArguments

                    func (*Mixin) ValidatePayload

                    func (m *Mixin) ValidatePayload(b []byte) error

                    type MixinConfig

                    type MixinConfig struct {
                    	ClientVersion string `yaml:"clientVersion,omitempty"`
                    	Repositories  map[string]Repository

                    type MockTillerIniter

                    type MockTillerIniter struct {
                    	GetTillerVersion   func(m *Mixin) (string, error)
                    	SetupTillerRBAC    func(m *Mixin) error
                    	RunRBACResourceCmd func(m *Mixin, cmd *exec.Cmd) error
                    	InstallHelmClient  func(m *Mixin, version string) error

                    func NewMockTillerIniter

                    func NewMockTillerIniter() MockTillerIniter

                    type RealTillerIniter

                    type RealTillerIniter struct{}

                      RealTillerIniter implements the TillerIniter interface, in REAL life

                      type Repository

                      type Repository struct {
                      	URL string `yaml:"url,omitempty"`

                      type Step

                      type Step struct {
                      	Description string       `yaml:"description"`
                      	Outputs     []HelmOutput `yaml:"outputs,omitempty"`

                      type TestMixin

                      type TestMixin struct {
                      	TestContext *context.TestContext

                      func NewTestMixin

                      func NewTestMixin(t *testing.T) *TestMixin

                        NewTestMixin initializes a helm mixin, with the output buffered, and an in-memory file system.

                        type TillerIniter

                        type TillerIniter interface {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported methods

                          TillerIniter is an interface for methods associated with Tiller interactions

                          type UninstallAction

                          type UninstallAction struct {
                          	Steps []UninstallStep `yaml:"uninstall"`

                          type UninstallArguments

                          type UninstallArguments struct {
                          	Step `yaml:",inline"`
                          	Releases []string `yaml:"releases"`
                          	Purge    bool     `yaml:"purge"`

                            UninstallArguments are the arguments available for the Uninstall action

                            type UninstallStep

                            type UninstallStep struct {
                            	UninstallArguments `yaml:"helm"`

                              UninstallStep represents the structure of an Uninstall action

                              type UpgradeAction

                              type UpgradeAction struct {
                              	Steps []UpgradeStep `yaml:"upgrade"`

                              type UpgradeArguments

                              type UpgradeArguments struct {
                              	Step `yaml:",inline"`
                              	Namespace   string            `yaml:"namespace"`
                              	Name        string            `yaml:"name"`
                              	Chart       string            `yaml:"chart"`
                              	Version     string            `yaml:"version"`
                              	Set         map[string]string `yaml:"set"`
                              	Values      []string          `yaml:"values"`
                              	Wait        bool              `yaml:"wait"`
                              	ResetValues bool              `yaml:"resetValues"`
                              	ReuseValues bool              `yaml:"reuseValues"`

                                UpgradeArguments represent the arguments available to the Upgrade step

                                type UpgradeStep

                                type UpgradeStep struct {
                                	UpgradeArguments `yaml:"helm"`

                                  UpgradeStep represents the structure of an Upgrade step